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Sow chaos, but don't get caught, in The Hunted

The Hunted is a fantasy RPG where you and the other players have been gifted powers by a mysterious dark force and you're tasked with sowing chaos and discord. Just don't end up burned at the stake.


From the campaign:

The Hunted is a game of medieval magic, mischief and mayhem. The society in which the game takes place is one of great superstition. Many believe in omens, portents and the supernatural. In this culture witches are real, monsters lurk in the night and what’s scariest of all is that they might be your friends, neighbors, or even family.The church is constantly battling the encroaching heretics, keeping the seed of corruption from spreading within their communities. Those who are found to be against the church are killed for their crimes.

This is where our “heroes” come in. They have been called by a mysterious Dark Benefactor. It gives them power and leaves them with one purpose: Chaos. They are to personally see to the downfall of the three authority figures, The Lord of the Land, the Priest, and the Watch Captain. They are to remove these people from power by any means necessary. The characters must maintain the façade of living normal lives while working against the community. This will not be an easy task, however. The player characters must build their strength and power by causing mayhem in the town, if they hope to stand any chance against those who would stop them.