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Spartan Games Posts New Pre-Releases

You've hopefully seen some of the photos I posted from the Spartan Games display yesterday. If not, go check them out. If you have, what'd you think? Halo has made it to the tabletops with The Fall of Reach starter. Now, Spartan has started taking pre-orders for some more Halo goodies, as well as some releases for a few of their other games.

Whether you want to play the Covenant or the UNSC, you have a couple options for how you want to expand your force. You can get either the Large Upgrade Box, the Core Upgrade Box, or the Fleet Commander Packs. Each has a different set of ships and other accessories that comes with it, so you can customize your force to how you want your fleet to look and play on the battle... umm... vacuum? Battle space? It's not really a battleground or a battlefield, is it?... anyway...

Firestorm Planetfall also has some new, aerial releases coming up. You've gotta have good air support if you want your ground troops to be able to take and hold ground. You certainly can't let your opponent control the skies.

You notice how we're losing altitude with each set? These last couple take us right down to the ocean's surface in Dystopian Wars.

All of these can be ordered now and will be shipping out on the 26th of August.