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Special Modifications Sourcebook Now Available For Star Wars RPG From Fantasy Flight Games

Techies. Gearheads. Mechanics. Modders. Tinkerers. You know the type. The ones who can't help but take apart any piece of machinery they get in order to see how it works and, of course, to improve on what they find therein. Now if you want your Star Wars RPG character to be like that, you can. The Special Modifications sourcebook will let you do just that, and it's available now.

This book brings you three new specializations for your Technicians. You can be a Cyber Tech and work with prosthetics. Or you can be a Droid Tech and work with droids. Or you can be a Modder and work with adding to what others have already created. There's also plenty of other gear in the form of weapons, gadgets, and droids. There's also four new playable races, all ready to make it so your character is the gearhead you want them to be.