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Spiral Bridge Games looking for beta testers for Rack and Ruin

Spiral Bridge Games is looking for a few good gamers to take part in the beta test of their new game, Rack and Ruin.

From the call:

Rack and Ruin is a campaign-based fantasy miniatures skirmish game currently in development by Spiral Bridge Games. Rather than present you with miniatures, and tell you what they do, Rack and Ruin has rules for creating your own characters based on the miniatures you want to use. Create each member of your party from well over 150 options in the core rule book.
2-4 players can play at a time, using their party to gather the most victory points in 8 scenarios.
Since Rack and Ruin is designed to be a campaign game, miniatures gain experience for their action in the game. As they do players are able to further customize their characters.
But, rather have the designer (me) sit here and tell you how cool it is why not join our Open Beta Test and try it out for yourself.