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Star Wars: Legion Demos Coming To Select Retailers March 8th

It feels like an eternity ago when Star Wars: Legion was announced at Gen Con. You've spent many long months waiting, anticipating, reading previews, watching videos. Maybe you're even one of the lucky few who got a chance to try it way back in August. Well, the wait is getting shorter all the time, and if you want to get a hands-on experience with the game, you're only 3 weeks (and change) out from doing so if your LGS is one of the lucky ones who will get to start showing demos of the product on March 8th.

From the announcement:

Are you excited for Star Wars™: Legion? Are you counting down the days until its release? Are you anxious to sample the gameplay or get a closer look at the minis?

If your answer to any or all of these questions is "yes," then you're in luck. Early demos of Star Wars: Legion will be available at participating retailers starting March 8th!

The heroic miniatures game of riveting infantry combat in the Star Wars galaxy, Star Wars: Legion is full of battle-ready troopers, blazing-fast speeder bikes, towering walkers, and iconic commanders. The game's rules are easy to learn, but they open the door to rich tactical and strategic possibilities. You'll command your troops, navigate the fog of war, and draw upon the power of the Force.

With its detailed miniatures and dramatic ground battles, Star Wars: Legion promises to be one of the year's biggest releases. Attend a demo and you'll see why. Check our list of participating retailers to see if there's one near you!