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Steve Jackson Games Previews January Releases

Who here remembers when Spam cans had an expiration date in the year 2000 and we thought it was such a crazy, cool thing? The future will be here before we know it. For example, January. Yeah, we're almost 3/4 of the way through this year. So that means 2017 is just around the corner. Well, now Steve Jackson Games has posted up what you can spend that holiday money on, with a look at what they'll be releasing the first month of next year.

These releases include Ogre: Sixth Edition. This is a more retail-friendly version of Ogre: Designer's Edition (the two are 100% compatible) that will give you some build-able minis like Ogres and Command Posts, as well as various maps to play on. There's also Munchkin Valentines (so getting ready for even the future from the future), that not only has actual Valentines you can give out, but several promo cards for the game as well. Keeping up with the Munchkin theme, there's also Hidden Treasures. This pack will have all the standard game-sized promos, including out-of-print ones from earlier packs. Want to make sure your collection's complete? That's your way.