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Stone Blade Entertainment Previews New Ascension Expansion

Those of you long-time readers of TGN know that, along with giant robots, one of my gaming obsessions is the deck-building game, Ascension. I currently have about 95% of all the available cards for the game, only missing a couple of the promos. Well, soon I'll have a whole new expansion to learn, as Gift of the Elements has been announced, and we get a look at some of the cards in this preview.

From the website:

Hello Ascension fans! I am very excited to announce the upcoming release of our newest Ascension set, Gift of the Elements, on March 20th!

In Gift of the Elements, an old power is reawakened on the world of New Vigil. Mighty elementals, previously made dormant by the presence of the Old Gods, have awoken again. Players can become empowered by these elements, but face new dangers along the way. Today, I am going to talk about the new mechanics for the set, as well as kick off two weeks of exciting previews!