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Stoneblade Entertainment Taking Pre-Orders For Ascension X: War of Shadows

New Vigil seemed like it was going to be nice and peaceful for a bit. But such is not the case, as the creatures from the Void once more look to cause all sorts of havoc. Only the realm's heroes will be able to turn the tide. And with new challenges comes new opportunities. Be it brightest day or darkest night... wait, wrong universe there. Anyway, Stoneblade Entertainment has started taking pre-orders for their latest Ascension set, War of Shadows.


The new set adds in Night and Day cards. Depending on which is dominant in the Center row, various cards will gain and lose abilities. There's also dual-cost cards, where you will have to spend both Runes and Power in order to acquire them. People who pre-order also get a special promo card (seen above).

Stay tuned for a review of the set (they had a couple at Origins and a friend picked one up for me) later this week.