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Sunday Snippets

Here's the latest batch of news snippets for your Sunday reading.
There's a bit of everything. New Skeleton Centaur Cavalry paper minis, a new Inquisitor from Kromlech, a new NOLA house from Finger and Toe, some new fantasy minis from Lone Wolf's 32mm range, and a whole bunch more to see.
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-Latest Lone Wolf 32mm Figures available now
-WIP for Vesuvio's Forge, the first expansion for Nova Aetas from Ludus Magnus Studio
-NOLA House from Finger and Toe
-One Monk Miniatures releases Skeleton Centaur Cavalry
-New Kromlech Release - Inquisitor
-Titan-Forge releases Voldar The Tormentor
-Troll Forged previews Smokecast
-Kaha Miniatures previews new Concept Art
-Final Hours for Samurai Dwarf Kickstarter

Latest Lone Wolf 32mm Figures available now

The latest figures in the 32mm Lone Wolf range of figures, which are compatible with the Lone Wolf RPG, are available in the Matchlock Miniatures webstore now.

These Young Kai Lords allow you to field warriors in training and are the next in a continuing line of additions to this best-selling range.

WIP for Vesuvio's Forge, the first expansion for Nova Aetas from Ludus Magnus Studio

Hi there!
Here we are with new WIP for the Vesuvio's Forge models!
Today we present his majesty King Vesuvius (hey ... but he has a bionic leg?!?!!) and one of his Cyclops!
Even these beautiful artwork were made by the talented Antonio De Luca, who also designed the cover of Vesuvio's Forge.

The setting of Nova Aetas is thus enriched by new creatures and new mysteries ... feel free to speculate about that

Stay tuned!

NOLA House from Finger and Toe

NOLA House

Finger and Toe Models announces release of the 28mm PDF NOLA House.

In the nineteenth century, New Orleans architecture had a more varied past than most cities, but even traditional American houses were brightened by paint reflecting their families’ Caribbean heritage. The five color schemes of the NOLA House reflect the vibrant hues of even poor homes of parts of the Crescent City. While based on a real house in New Orleans, NOLA House can be used in any nineteenth century American setting.

One Monk Miniatures releases Skeleton Centaur Cavalry

Mayhem in Paper is excited to release this set of 15 Skeleton Centaur Cavalry from One Monk Miniatures. The figures are armed with bows, spears, swords and shields, complete with a set of command figures: banner bearer, musician and regimental leader; set of 6 banners.

This set also comes with automated cutting files formatted for the Silhouette/Craftrobo line of cutters.

New Kromlech Release - Inquisitor


we have the honor to present you:
Inquisitor Ingrid von Schwarzheim
Imperial heroine, executioner of heretics, hand of justice.

Titan-Forge releases Voldar The Tormentor

Voldar The Tormentor

This model represents one Voldar the Tormentor

This resin set contains:
1. Voldar the Tormentor Body
2. Hand with helmet
3. Top of the axe
4. Plastic base

Height: from base to top of head 35mm

Master model sculpted by Sawek Kociukiewicz.

Troll Forged previews Smokecast


A few shots of an experimental version of Trollcast (codename ‘smoke’) for use on ‘invisible’ miniatures, insect like alien wings, and anything that needs a nice frosted translucent look.

Kaha Miniatures posts new Concept Art

Whakamate giants hordes Kohiwi

Whakamate giants hordes Kohiwi

Forlorn Hope Games final hours for Samurai Dwarf Kickstarter

Samurai Dwarves

This is a project I have wanted to carry out for some time now, ever since buying the range in fact. The Fantasy Armies of the Far East range contains some 30 samurai orcs and goblins but only a handful of dwarves, this cannot be allowed to continue ;-)