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Sunday Snippets

I hope your weekend is going well (or has gone well if you are much further East than where I am currently). Mine's been full of some older movies that were watched just for the hell of it (such as Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, again, because just for the hell of it).

And now it's Sunday, so that means a day of housework for me. It also means a collection of bite-sized stories for you.

In this batch we have: New Hansom Tank for Empire of the Dead, Midknight Heroes Interview on CPOP, Advanced Deployment Debuts New Acrylic Color and Free Tokens, and Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions Kickstarter Launching in 9 Days.

New Hansom Tank for Empire of the Dead


Jedadiah Tankovsky built the first Hansom tank in 1875. Originally conceived as a mode of transport for important dignitaries and people of well-to-do the Hansom Armoured Conveyor was an unarmed two passenger and driver machine, driven by twin three horse power Infernum compression engines built by Harrison & Harrison of 36 Leather Lane Holborn. However Lord Howell of Keffbourne Master of the Queens Armouries saw another application for this most wondrous of machines. By the addition of a Gatling gun and a gunners seat he created the worlds first Tankovsky or Tank as the lower classes came to call it. Another excellent model designed by our master model maker Andy Rawling to add to your Empire of the Dead world!

RRP £15.00

The rules for the Hansom Tank and other Steampunk Vehicles and Contraptions for Empire of the Dead will be available soon via the brand new West Wind website.

Midknight Heroes Interview on CPOP


The people over at CPOP interviewed MidKnight Hereos. In the Interview they find out what makes the owner tick and his plans for MidKnight Heroes. Its a good read check it out!

Advanced Deployment Debuts New Acrylic Color and Free Tokens

Advanced Deployment is pleased to announce a new color in their acrylic line: Transparent Gray!

A lighter color than smoke, and lacking the brown undertones, this color is perfect for clouds, stealth markers, or just a subtle subdued set of tokens!

To celebrate, if you place an order of $20 ore more between today and 9/15 you will receive a set of stealth tokens in our newest color for free!

Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions Kickstarter Launching in 9 Days


Hey Adventure fans!

Launching in under 9 days on September 22nd 2015 will be our Newest Expansion to Secrets of the Lost Tomb called "The Elite Missions".

This pack will contain new Scenario Overlays that will be able to help to add more difficulty levels and new thematic elements to any scenario in the game!

Additionally and even more excitingly for New Fans:
We will be making all of the 1st Edition Game Product that was just printed Available in Limited pledge Levels!

What does this mean?

This means we will be allowing backers to pledge to get: Not only the Elite Missions (Unlimted Pledge Level) but also back us to get The Core Game, Expansions, or even Glory Seeker Pledge Levels! (With MINIS!

Every Pledge level will include the Elite Mission Pack!

And the MOST Exciting Part of this KS: is IMMEDIATE SHIPPING! Right after the Kickstarter is Complete, we will ship out ALL Pledges and Elite Mission Packs to all backers! Since everything is already printed and ready to go, we will ship out QUICK! No printing wait times!

Why are we doing this KS?

We're doing this Kickstarter to help us prepare our reprint of Secrets of the Lost Tomb and the newest expansion TRAITORS OF THE LOST TOMB! (A New Expansion that adds MORE to the game, INCLUDING: EPIC ALTERNATE CHARACTERS (Basically, you will have a personal and secret mission to accomplish, and when you do... your character "LEVELS UP!" and you flip your Character Card OVER and get a Whole New EPIC Version of them!) ... in addition to That new mechanic, it will also add the TRAITOR secret mission that will allow for a "BSG-Esque" Traitor character with their own secret mission as well! You'll be able to play WITH or WITHOUT the Traitor Rules, meaning you can use the EPIC Characters and their Secret Missions ONLY and play Fully Cooperatively with them... OR with the Traitor as well!: ) Coming this November!

So! These funds will help us support Everything Epic and pay business fees, help pay for all the Artwork for the new Boxes and Characters etc...

New Editing Fees and all other costs that revolve around the Video Production and Artwork behind the new Kickstarter!

So! Set your calendars for September 22nd and spread the word!

This is your chance to get Secrets of the Lost Tomb and The Elite Missions and help support us in getting the 2nd Edition of the game ready to go!