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Sunday Snippets

It's another Sunday. Time for some more of the shorter, bite-sized stories that we've come across in the past couple days.

Also, yesterday during D&D, our party almost blew up the world (or at least an entire tropical island). Good times.

Anyway, for today we have: New Bad Lands Hero Previews and now EU Friendly shipping, DungeoNext terrain preview, new Fantasy releases from Scotia Grendel, Dark Sword Miniatures' Stephanie Law Masterworks Miniature range now available, Trolka in resin releasing this month for Flintloque, New Sherman Tank Accessories from Warchimera, Lead Adventure Miniatures releases Steam-Punk Ladies and Robots, Planetary Militia preview at The Ion Age, new Leather Pouch added to Alternative Civil War Kickstarter, Brigade Models Release 2mm ACW Forts, and Capitan Miniatures re-launching the former Warmodelling Catalog.

New Bad Lands Hero Previews and now EU Friendly shipping


I'm happy to announce that this campaign is now EU-Friendly! Sorry we didn't start out that way, but there were some details that had to be worked out first. Good news is EU shipping will be a little cheaper than the rest of the world, pretty much the same as the Canadian price. I've created a new pledge level for EU shipping, even though it's the same price as Canada, just so it won't be confusing. If you're in a EU country, feel free to switch your pledge to the new one :) I've gotten more than numerous requests for a EU-Friendly option so I'm hoping this will bring in new blood! As usual, go tell your friends about Bad Lands :)

DungeoNext, a new fantasy terrain-making company


Modular dungeon terrain with new textures and cool designs, for Role Playing Games, in 25-32 mm

New Fantasy Releases from Scotia Grendel

We would like to wish all the best for 2015 and thanks for your support. We're hard working and do our best to provide you the highest quality miniatures, terrain and accessories both in metal and resin. Last year we released 39 codes, this included 106 28mm miniatures and 4 1/300 models. We have more up-coming in this year but this is different story. Let's move on to our new releases.

Generic Fantasy Range
This month we have a another personality pack, this time Strigion The Wizard. Another three packs are Western Archers I, Western Archers II and Western Archers Command. The last one pack is Western Border Watchmen I.

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio")
Another preview....

Dark Sword Miniatures' Stephanie Law Masterworks Miniature range now available

Tam Lin

Things have been really busy here at Dark Sword HQ since November and I am happy to report that our Stephanie Law Masterworks Miniature range is now in full release in our Online Store along with a new Valentine’s Day Holiday piece for the range called “The Lovers” which was a requested piece from fans of Stephanie Law’s artwork. There are 18 releases in total.

Patrick Keith sculpted up this fantastic new miniature range based on the artwork of the amazing Stephanie Law, while Jessica Rich did the honors on painting up the studio collection pieces to her usual world-class standards. Lots of amazing stuff to check out and appreciate folks. We are all thrilled to be collaborating with Stephanie Law on this new premium miniature range as her artwork is wonderful and unique. In addition, she really appreciates/understands the hobby due to the fact that she has been a miniature enthusiast herself since the 1990’s. Stephanie is thrilled as well as we have been buddies for many years now and she has been a fan of Dark Sword the entire time.

2015 will be a big year for Dark Sword with lots of great projects on the horizon. Lots of new critters, GRRM Masterworks and Visions in Fantasy pieces are already sculpted up and in various stages of the production process. We will also be getting some new Elmore Masterworks pieces out in 2015 along with a few surprises coming down the pike. It will be a lot of fun and at the end of the day there will be many amazing new miniatures you can add to your collections and enjoy.

Trolka in resin releasing this month for Flintloque

Trolka and Elf Cavalry scale

Title says it all! Fans of Flintloque and Slaughterloo this one is for you. This month our re-mastered big lads the Trolka will be out in resin with a new reduced price (how unusual is it to see that nowadays eh!) in just over a week. Pictures and information in the link. Its been some work but its all worked out. Thanks.

New Sherman Tank Accessories from Warchimera has just launched a new line - World War II Vehicles Accessories!

For a start we get two sets for Sherman tank

Lead Adventure Miniatures releases Steam-Punk Ladies and Robots


After a long break of a few months we are back again with some fresh releases for our Steam-Punk range. Four lovely steam-punk ladies with some cool weapons and three heavy robots!

VSF-20 Defenders of the Empire(2)
VSF-21 Fire Angels of White Chapel (2)
VSF-22 Steam Robot "Jager" M1 (1)
VSF-23 Steam Robot "Thunderbolt" M2 (1)
VSF-24 Steam Robot "Predator" M3 (1)

And a new 10% deal for this release:

Planetary Militia preview at The Ion Age

Scale 28mm to 15mm

The final piece of our big 28mm range will be released in 15mm scale this month; The Planetary Militia. But that is not all. The extensive blog post linked to this tells you all about them, the codes, more pictures and the vehicles that are all coming out this month. Well worth a read for any wargamer who is a fan of 15mm sci-fi of all genres.

Thanks for your time.

New Leather Pouch Added to Alternative Civil War Kickstarter

Leather Pouch

This is a 100% handcrafted natural leather pouch to carry your dice, tokens and measuring tape in style.

As a side note, as you can see we're closing to the last days of the campaign with a 70% already reached. We'd like to ask you to share this project as much as you can, as these days will be crucial for the proper success of Alternative Civil War.

Brigade Models Release 2mm ACW Forts

ACW Forts - Pulaski, Moultrie and McRee

As a change from our usual output of spaceships and grav tanks, we have some new historical items in our Small Scale Scenery range.

Meet Forts McRee, Moultrie and Pulaski, fine examples of coastal forts of the American Civil War, primarily of brick construction. We’ve upped the detail level a step further and both Moultrie and Pulaski come with separate tiny white metal cannons to line the upper walls (McRee’s guns were all under cover).

All available from the website now, along with the guns which are available separately.

SSS-8046 – Fort Moultrie – £7.50
SSS-8047 – Fort Pulaski – £7.50
SSS-8048 – Fort McRee – £5.00
SSS-8049 – Fort Guns (x28) – £1.50

If you haven't come across it before, our Small Scale Scenery range is loosely billed as '2mm' scale. The models are all made to 1/1000th scale and will suit 2mm figures or 1/1200th aircraft and naval models. They also work well with larger scale aircraft models (we use 1/600th models with our buildings for WW2 aircraft games). The range now encompasses almost fifty sets of buildings including various types of houses, factories, farms and forts, both historical and VSF.

Capitan Miniatures re-launching the former Warmodelling Catalog


Following recent production problems and an unreliable delivery service to customers, Capitan Miniatures SL, as co-owner of the rights to the former Warmodelling catalogue, will produce the Warmodelling range and has appointed Capitan Games Ltd, as worldwide distributor for its miniatures.

The Warmodelling miniatures range will be listed in the “Battlemodels” catalogue of Capitan Games Ltd. (“Battlemodels” is the brand name of Capitan’s own miniatures).

Capitan Miniatures, S.L. are currently arranging the refurbishing the moulds of the entire range to produce better and more detailed miniatures. Shipping will be from the UK.

The re-launch of the Warmodelling range will be phased in over a period of a few months, so that there is a minimum delay in the availability of the more popular nations, and we have redesigned our catalogue to reduce the number of references and offer packs to customers in a more flexible form that makes it easier and less expensive to build an army, but with the same basic range. This will provide better customer service, higher quality casting and easier and more reliable shipping.

We are appointing retail trade agents to represent us at the principal UK shows and will make similar arrangements in other countries. The process of rearranging the catalogue and making new moulds will allow us gradually to introduce all former Warmodelling references, plus our rules and new ranges of miniatures, such as the10 mm Naval crew figures and gunboats, cutters, brigs and frigate kits for our latest edition of the “Gunboat” rules – “Squadron Commander”… and a whole lot more ranges that will come.

In a few weeks we will upload the new references to our online shop: http// - please visit us there to learn more and keep abreast of progress.