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Tabletop World Annual Painting Competition

Tabletop World has announced the next installment of their annual painting competition. You have until April 1st to get your entry completed and sent in. Winner gets 500 euros for the Tabletop World store!
But even if you just enter, you'll get 20% off your next order in their shop.


From the announcement:

Once again we have an Annual Painting Competition to announce!
Competition starts today and will last until April 1.
Entries may represent a single model or the whole diorama.
It is important that the majority of the model/diorama is made of Tabletop World components.

1 place: A voucher of 500 Euros that can be spent on our products.
2 place: A voucher of 300 Euros that can be spent on our products.
3 place: A voucher of 200 Euros that can be spent on our products.
All other contestants: 20% discount on their next order! Order must be placed until June 1.

All of you who own Tabletop World models and whish to participate in this contest, send us photos of your works on the following address:
Together with the photos, provide us with your name and the country you are from. Contestants are allowed to have more than one entry.

On April 1st we will make a Facebook album where all of the entries will be uploaded. Tabletop World team will then judge the entries and declare winners. In addition to this, author of the work that gets most “likes” will receive a voucher of 50 Euros that can be spent on our products.The winner will also be featured on the index page of our website.

Looking forward to your submissions!