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TAG release Gent d'Armes and Segban horse-holders

The Assault Group have released 28mm Spanish Gent d'Armes and Tatar Segban horse-holders. 28mm Spanish Gent d'Armes From their announcement:
Sorry it has been so long adding these two news packs of miniatures to the shopping cart, people keep asking for mail-orders, and that keeps me very busy. Added today are the following packs for our huge Renaissance range;
  • REN189 Tatar Segban horse-holders
  • REN346 Spanish Gent d'Armes with lance upright
The Tatar Segmen are a variant of western dragoons are are design to act horse holders for our current Segban pack and are useful from as early as the 1580's through out the Renaissance period well into the 19th Century. Our Spainish Genta d'Armes are designed to cover the period 1495 -1550, and although the Spanish were still charging with lance in hand as late as the 1630's, these miniatures are primarily for the Great Italian War. They are mounted on our unbarred horses, and equipped with our heavy 16th lance.