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I read several webcomics. Some I've followed for quite some time. One that's been around and has quite a following is Scandinavia and the World. It's a humorous look at what countries would be like if
Welcome once again to Saturday. It's been quite a morning over here. Rather busy for a Saturday. Biggest thing I've been working on is my decision to magnetize my Betrayal at Calth set (yes, this mean
I don't tend to have nightmares.And I realize that typing that means I'll probably have one tonight, because that's how karma works.Anyway, those that I do tend to have, after I wake up from them, I g
We've made it to another Wednesday. The previous weekend is as far away as the next one is. Some comment about camels.Hopefully the week has been treating you well.Anyway, we've got some of those bite
Welcome to another Saturday. This week went by quick (at least for me). I hope you've been enjoying the Adepticon photos we've been posting. Be sure to check out the ones of the Desert Hydra. Makes me
Wizard's Academy is a new board game from 3DTotalGames wherein you play student wizards trying to save their school (sounds sorta familiar...). You must work with your fellow students, cooperatively,