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4 Gods

It's officially the holiday shopping season. Gamers all over the world will be getting and giving gifts. But what games should you buy? You don't want to chance your money on something you won't end u
Everybody wants to rule the world. In 4 Gods, you not only get to rule the world, but also create it. The game is a world-building game where players are deities who must create the world in a way tha
In the beginning, the gods created the Earth. Well, in the real beginning, the got their 4 Gods game out, opened it up, mixed up the tiles, set out the playing space, and got ready. Then they created
If someone asks if you're a god, you say, "Yes!"Well, in 4 Gods, you don't have to lie about it. You actually will become gods (actual divinity is not imparted by playing this game) and together, you