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It's finally Friday. Man, this week took its dear time getting done. But, at least I was somewhat productive. I don't have much in the way of cooking projects lined up for the weekend. I still have st
The whole leftover time that we were skipping past earlier in the month is still hitting me this week. I can't say that I'm entirely thrilled by that. But, waddyagonnado? In the meantime, we can nosh
It's Friday again! As I've stated before, I don't know about you, but my January is just rocketing by. Usually, the month takes what feels like a full year to go past. But here we are, already at the
A nice thing about starting the week on Tuesday is that just one day in and we're already halfway through it. I'm certainly ready for a weekend again. It's a really busy January for me, so I'm all for
What. A. Week. We started out with some technical difficulties that are mostly cleared up. Continued with just silly amounts of busy over here on my side of the screen. And the whole time, I kept forg
I gotta admit, many short weeks still feel like full-length ones. Some even feel even longer. This week, however, despite being the first week back after the holidays, has been pretty much daily, "Oh,
The best part of this week is that it started on Tuesday, so we're only 2 days in, but we're already to halfway to the weekend again. After having a couple weeks off, getting back to the swing of thin
An anniversary is something worth celebrating. I mean, we just celebrated the New Year with a whole bunch of parties. Why can't we do that for smaller things as well? Well, GW does and they're showing
The year is winding down. I'm sure some of you might've noticed that there's been not quite so many news stories to tell you about each day. As the various companies start to go on a bit of a vacation
As usual, the weekend brought us a new batch of pre-releases from Games Workshop. Much of the big stuff is for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and its new box set and book. But there's more than
Friday again! Woo! And this time, it's actually Friday. That's unlike yesterday, which I thought was Friday for the longest time until I realized otherwise. But, seeing as it's Friday, that means it's
Kill Team's a great game to play when you've not got the time to play a full game of 40k but still want your grimdark minis to see some table-time. If you want to speed up things even more, you can ch
Friday! Woo! It's the first week back after a vacation for me and it wasn't that bad. Though, my next couple weeks are now looking like they're going to be absolutely slammed busy until the end of the
Halfway through the week already? I'm down with that. It's been a busy week, getting caught up on all the stuff I missed while being off last week. Plus, it's that last sprint until the end of the yea
When is a Wednesday like a Friday? Well, when you have the next couple days off, of course. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, my favorite day of the year. Friday, I'm having Thanksgiving 2: Thank Harder. There
Sure, there's the books, but there's also a tooooooon of extra stuff that you can get for your RPG sessions of Pathfinder and Starfinder. If you're looking to bling out your games with all manner of e
Today, the plan is to clean out my fridge and freezer so I can make room for the giant list of groceries I plan on getting over the weekend so I can make not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners next wee
I've been so used to weeks just flying by like they did in October that this one's really feeling like it's dragging. I was like, "woo! Friday!" earlier even though, y'know, it's Wednesday. However, l
It seems as though time is still slowing down, which is not entirely a complaint. For me, October flew by so fast, we got into November and I'd barely even bought any Halloween candy, let alone ate it
Yeah. Already Wednesday. I was kinda surprised by that. October flew by. I guess November's starting out much the same. Not that that's a complaint. I've got D&D upcoming this weekend. So, that's
Age of Sigmar gets itself some new boxes as well as the Ogor battletome. There's a new book and miniatures for The Horus Heresy. Necromunda also gets a couple kits. And that's just the beginning for n
Weekend! Well, almost, anyway. And I might have myself a kind of busy one. We'll see. But, if I'm going to be doing a bunch of stuff, I should probably make sure I've got enough energy, and that means
27 . That's the number of releases from Paizo this month. Starfinder. Pathfinder. Both have epic releases coming back to tabletops. Special editions of books. Accessories. Map packs. There's over two
"Oh, it's Wednesday already." Me when it was time to start making this post. I guess time just runs fast for me now. As long as it slows back down by the weekend, though, I'm always happy with that. I
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