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Little bit of everything this week in Games Workshop's pre-orders. There's the new Age of Sigmar battle box. There's new kits and cards for Harrowdeep for Warhammer Underworlds. There's a new companio
Fury of the Deep is the next box set coming for Age of Sigmar. We've taken a look at several of the minis, including the leader of the Idoneth Deepkin. This time around, it's the slayers that get thei
This weekend, the new Fury of the Deep box set for Age of Sigmar hits the Games Workshop webstore. For those wanting a bit more info about what it has inside, take a look at the leader of the Deepkin
Quite a mix next week from Games Workshop for their pre-orders. There's a new box set for Age of Sigmar. There's some new minis for Warhammer Underworlds. They've got a new Aeronautica Imperialis comp
Each year, a Games Workshop store will have its anniversary. And when they do, GW likes to celebrate with an exclusive mini. In this preview, they're showing off the two that are for 2022.
With so many different knobs and dials to turn and levers to pull in Age of Sigmar, there's an infinite amount of fine-tuning that can be done to the game in order to make it run as smoothly as possib
This week, there's no new pre-orders coming from Games Workshop. But, they're not simply sleeping through this week. They've got plenty of stuff to look forward to, like Model of the Year, some new pr
This time of year, many people are taking a bit of a vacation. Mine starts this afternoon (though there'll still be TGN). If you're going to be getting in some games of Age of Sigmar or 40k, Games Wor
Another weekend, another set of new pre-oders up in the Games Workshop website. It's a pretty big one, even if it's not a ton of things. How's that? Well, there's the new starter box for 40k as well a
While most of us are trying to not become sick, the followers of Nurgle are looking to plague as many as they can. And their new Battletome coming for Age of Sigmar gives them several ways of doing so
Next week's quite a week for pre-releases over in the Games Workshop webstore. They've got the new starter set for 40k. There's a new Nurgle battletome for Age of Sigmar, along with some new kits. The
Looking to get into a new game or a new faction of your current game? And those games are Age of Sigmar and/or 40k? Then you'll want to check out the new Battleforce bundles that Games Workshop has up
Battleforces. That's the majority of next week's pre-orders from Games Workshop. Some for 40k. Some for Age of Sigmar. There's a few other things scattered about, but it's mostly about the battleforce
Quite a lot going on over in the Games Workshop webshop this week. There's <weewoo weewoo weewoo> the new dragons for Age of Sigmar. There's some new figures for 40k. There's Dungeon Bowl. There
No, it doesn't mean that your dice will only roll 5s and 6s for the entire year. It means you get free stuff. A lot of free stuff. Games Workshop is giving away one of every release they have (well, a
This week, the US celebrates Thanksgiving. And that has become what many consider the official beginning to the Holiday season, beginning with Black Friday and everyone having sales. Well, Games Works
Fantasy miniatures are the focus this week at Games Workshop. They've got one new Age of Sigmar figure and then several kits of made-to-order Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game figures that are made-to
It's not just 40k that's getting new Battleforce Boxes next month. Age of Sigmar is as well. If you're looking to start in on a new faction, they're a great place to begin. Head over and check them ou
If you've got your Black Templars already on order, you may be wondering what's coming next week. Well, there's some Age of Sigmar and some Necromunda, but it's mostly the Middle-earth Strategy Battle
Warcry's new box set is the biggest pre-order for this week. But there's also two new 40k books, the Red Gobbo, Blood Bowl stuff, and some Necromunda bits. You should head over and check it out. There
Warcry's new box set, Red Harvest, is coming to pre-orders tomorrow. Inside, you get two new sets of figures to try out. One set is the Darkoath Savagers. Take a preview of their minis and stats in th
Each month, Games Workshop has a new exclusive figure and coin at their GW stores. Seeing as it's the start of the month, there's the new, November set, available now.
The Red Harvest box set for Warcry is coming to pre-order this weekend. Inside, players get a look at two new factions. But how do these new figures play? That's the preview we get into this article.
A huge, new box set is coming to pre-order this week for Warcry. It's the Red Harvest set. Want to know what you're getting before you put your name down on the list to purchase one? You're in luck, a
Saturday, Games Workshop had their huge Warhammer Day preview streams. Missed it? Just want to go back and see the new stuff? Either way, all the previews have been collected together in this one, han