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The other day, we got a look at some special rules for the upcoming Soulblight Gravelords for Age of Sigmar, mostly for those following Manfred. But we all know there's only one true Manfred (it's Man
The Soulblight Gravelords are getting their new book and releases for Age of Sigmar this weekend. In this preview, get a look at some of the special rules that the army will have access to.
The Soulblight Gravelords are getting a whole new set of releases available to pre-order this weekend. One of the big units that'll be hitting the GW webshop is the Blood Knights. Want to know what th
The Soulblight Gravelords (or, as I see them, the Vampire Counts) are getting a new book and releases soon for Age of Sigmar. Want to know what these undead will do on the tabletop? We get a preview o
Arguably the biggest announcement from last week's Warhammer Fest is that Age of Sigmar is getting itself a new edition. But what sort of changes can you expect? Well, Games Workshop has a quartet of
With everything else going on with GW, you might've almost missed that they've got new pre-releases coming this weekend, as usual. Mostly, it's undead vampire counts figures. But they do sneak in a &l
Age of Sigmar is getting an update. Games Workshop, as part of last week's Warhammer Fest Online, has announced that the fantasy miniatures game is getting itself a new edition. What will this new ver
Warhammer Fest 2021 Online is a GO! And they're starting out with Age of Sigmar. There's... there's a lot to look at. Lots of new minis. New books. New... well, as I say, a bit of everything. Head on
Warcry is the skirmish version of Age of Sigmar. And if you've got yourself some of those fancy, new elf minis and want to bring them to the smaller battlefields, now's your chance as GW has released
They say that music can soothe the savage beast and lift your souls. Well, for a Warsong Revenant, that's very much physically the case. These new bardic characters will be making their way to your ta
Games Workshop likes to bring the heroes that you read about in their novels to your tabletops, doing their best to accurately represent their power when added to your armies. In this post, we get a l
Hedkrakka's Mob will be making their impact known in Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm soon. What was the design theories used for this group? We get a look at that as GW has sat down with Dave Sanders
While a few things are starting to get back to a bit of normal, we're definitely not there yet. As such, release schedules are still in a bit of flux. Games Workshop is having to move around their rel
As with most weeks, GW's got some new figures for you to order over in their shop. The big one of this group is Be'lakor, available for both 40k and Age of Sigmar. But he's not the only thing they've
There's the next installment of the Broken Realms series coming to pre-order this weekend from Games Workshop. As those books tend to do, they'll be updating various other things outside of its confin
While I might be a greenskin through and through, the Lizardmen also hold a soft spot in my heart (like my Pangaea Punishers Blood Bowl team). So, with that in mind, I'm happy to announce that GW is g
So, you got your name down on the list for the new stuff coming from Games Workshop already. But, as all gamers do (at least, I know I do), you're still looking forward to what's next. Thankfully, GW
Games Workshop has quite a big set of pre-releases now available. There's some Blood Bowl. There's some Warhammer Underworlds. There's some Adeptus Titanicus. There's a new issue of White Dwarf. Head
Warhammer Underworlds is getting itself a new starter set. Pre-orders for it will be coming this weekend. But what's inside it? What are the heroes? What components does it come with? Glad you asked.
With more and more people getting vaccinated against COVID-19, there's a chance that we can return to some semblance of normalcy soon. Signs of it are starting to show up, including news that Games Wo
A small group of very powerful vampires, the Crimson Court is looking to drain their foes dry of blood. How do they do this? Well, we get a look at exactly that in this preview, with a look at all the
"Take your daughter to work day" is a great way for kids to see what their parents do for a living. They can see what it's like at the office or job site and get some insight into what their parents s
There's a lot of things coming to the Games Workshop webshop this weekend. There's new Warhammer Underworlds kits and boxes. There's a new Blood Bowl book and figures. And then there's <whoop! whoo
Cursed City is the new big-box expansion for Warhammer Quest. Grab your team and head into the dark alleyways of Ulfenkarn, seeking out the undead menace that threatens everyone with a pulse. You can
Games Workshop has a new mini-campaign that you can go on with your games of Warcry. Get your 3 greatest opponents together and see who will come out on top of A Fool's Trove in Ulfenkarn.