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Heading to one of the shows that Games Workshop will be at this year? Then you'll want to make sure to stop by and pick up one of their event-exclusive figures (or both, really). Have a look at what's
A new month is almost upon us. That means it's time for a new miniature and coin for Games Workshop stores to stock up on. Get a look at February's offerings in this preview.
Another weekend, another batch of new releases into the pre-order store for Games Workshop. Age of Sigmar has the bulk of it, with two new battletomes and accompanying kits. But 40k has some made-to-o
Not out in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Open? Well, you don't have to miss out on all the previews that Games Workshop has going on out there. They've posted them up in one, convenient spot for you to
Beasts of Chaos are getting a new Battletome this weekend for Age of Sigmar. You might think that these fellas are ones to just run, screaming at whatever their opponent might be. But such is not the
Grotz. Gretchin. Gobbers. Gitz. Ambulatory Field Rations. These little fellas have been known by a lot of names over the years. They're getting themselves a new battletome for Age of Sigmar this weeke
Look, I don't care if it's a newborn corgi or a 12 year old great dane, they're both babypuppies to me. Same goes for these Snarlfangs. They may bite your face off, but they're still babypuppies to me
One of the first shows of the year, the Las Vegas Open is just a couple days away and Games Workshop is going to be showing off plenty of new stuff there. Won't be attending? That's alright, you can s
The year of Chaos was last year, but this year's turning out to be pretty chaotic as well. There's a new Beasts of Chaos battletome and kits coming. And is there anything more chaotic than goblins? Th
The reals of Chaos are on display from Games Workshop this week as part of their pre-orders. Age of Sigmar gets the big bulk of it, but there's a new Horus mini available as well. For those not follow
It seems like it's the week for updated army lists in miniatures games. This time around, it's Games Workshop and Age of Sigmar. You can download the updated document and make sure you're playing the
Looking for someone to lead your Chaos forces into battle? Don't want them to just be walking their way into combat? Then you'll want the upcoming Eternus kit for Age of Sigmar. Not only can you creat
A mainstay of the ranks of Chaos, the Chaos Warriors are the bulwark of their army. And they're getting a new kit soon. Check out the new minis in this preview from Games Workshop.
An anniversary is something worth celebrating. I mean, we just celebrated the New Year with a whole bunch of parties. Why can't we do that for smaller things as well? Well, GW does and they're showing
Every year, Games Workshop has a special Boxing Day miniature they come out with (that's the day after Christmas, AKA - December 26th). We've got a look at this year's special figure in this preview.
When you want to get a force together for Warcry, the easiest way to do so is via the Warband Builder. But there've been a lot of releases lately for the game. Does that mean that the app needs to be
December's almost here. With it, that means that Games Workshop is switching out their exclusive mini and coin at their GW stores. Actually, it's "coins" this month, since there's two. Have yourselves
It's back into the office after a long weekend. And while I was taking time off, Games Workshop was rolling along with a new batch of pre-orders over in their webshop. There's a bunch of Age of Sigmar
As usual, Games Workshop keeps the ball rolling. One set of pre-releases shows up, another gets on-deck for the next weekend. Get a look at everything coming to the store. It's a fantasy-heavy week wi
Relatively small batch of pre-releases for you this week from Games Workshop. Well, small if you're not wanting the new Cadia Stands Army Set, that is. That's a pretty big one. But, other than that, i
Over the weekend, Games Workshop showed off a bunch of what they're working on for 40k, Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, and Warhammer Underworlds. If you missed out on these previews, no worries. They've a
After a whole bunch of pretty intense pre-releases, next week's is much more lenient on your wallets from Games Workshop, as several classic Age of Sigmar figures are being added to the made-to-order
As is their custom, Games Workshop has a new batch of pre-orders available in their webshop. This week's offerings center around Age of Sigmar and The Horus Heresy, but there's some Necromunda thrown
The new Battletome: Slaves to Darkness book for Age of Sigmar is headed to pre-order soon. These servants of Chaos have all manner of strange abilities. Some of them, we get a look at in this preview
Every month, Games Workshop has a special miniature and coin that they have at their GW stores. For November, it's a figure for Age of Sigmar with a figure for the Lumineth Realm Lords.