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So, we all know that GW has new releases hit on Saturday. But what will be coming out at the end of the week this week? Well, the big boxes for both Age of Sigmar and 40k. But, along with those, there
This holiday season, Games Workshop is going to make it easy to get into Age of Sigmar with their Battleforce Box Sets. They're an entire army in one go. There's 4 coming, and we get a preview of them
Games Workshop is having a big preview weekend coming up. They're calling it Decadence and Decay and if you play any of the games shown there in the featured image, you'll want to tune in. When is it
Games Workshop has a lot of different things up for pre-order over on their website this week. There's a new Nurgle box for 40k. There's a classic character for Blood Bowl. But the biggest story is fo
Broken Realms: Morathi is more than just a story-continuation of the world of Age of Sigmar. It's updating a lot of rules, too, particularly for some specific factions and miniatures. In this preview,
The Broken Realms: Morathi book is the first in a new series that will change the face of Age of Sigmar. That includes new rules for various factions, including the Daughter of Khaine. In this preview
Morathi is the first of the Broken Realms books to be coming for Age of Sigmar. They say that these books will change the game's narrative dramatically. But how will it do so and what's in this book?
Alright, you've got your cart full of this week's pre-orders, but what about what's coming out this upcoming Saturday? Games Workshop has you covered in this preview. The big story is the new Broken R
Being far beneath the surface tends to make for rather cramped quarters. Instead of rolling hills or flat plains, you have various tunnels and passages you must make your way through. These can be rat
The Catacombs set for Warcry is a new starter set with two complete warbands ready to play out of the box (well, once assembled, anyway). But the new figures aren't usable in just Warcry. You can also
Catacombs is the new core box set coming for Warcry and it will take players deep underground into the twisting passages and tunnels. Being a core box, it comes with a lot of stuff, including two warb
Sure, many of us know October 31st as Halloween. But this year, it's also going to be Warhammer Day. Games Workshop even has a special, limited edition mini that you'll be able to order as you celebra
See what I did there? Anyway, Games Workshop has a whole lot going on in their pre-releases this week. There's the new faction for Age of Sigmar and the huge Mega-Gargant figure. The Necrons get a swa
Mega-Gargants are coming stomping into your armies this weekend (well, being able to order them, at least). What are the rules for adding them to your force and what sort of special abilities do they
Longtime readers will know that my favorite minis are the ones that really kind of skirt the term "miniature." If there's a huge robot or dragon or beast that I can put in my army, I want that. With t
The biggest release (literally) coming out this weekend for Age of Sigmar are the new gargant figures. But beyond just being a giant figure (of a giant), how do they actually play on the tabletop? Tha
It would appear as though, while this week has two new codices for you to pre-order, it's really this upcoming weekend where GW goes crazy and releases a ton of stuff. They've posted up a preview so y
There are certain figures and armies in Age of Sigmar that you're supposed to get your opponent's permission before you play them. They're the bit more edge-case armies and models that maybe didn't ge
Games Workshop continues their releases for the Lumineth faction for Age of Sigmar. If you're wanting to add to your collection you got this week, you can get your name down on the list for another ba
Wanting to get yourself a new faction for Age of Sigmar? Looking for something fairly magic-heavy? Like flowing robes and curves? The Lumineth Realm-Lords are just for you. You can pre-order their Bat
A new iteration of high elves are headed soon to Age of Sigmar tabletops. They're the Lumineth Realm-Lords and Warhammer Community has a look at many of the key figures coming out for the faction.
Games Workshop is looking to integrate all of your Warhammer experiences together with the upcoming My Warhammer system. It'll be a way to combine your accounts on Games Workshop's website, as well as
A new army is coming for Age of Sigmar. The Lumineth Realm Lords are a new faction for the light that you can head on over and order the first sets for now, basically a starter army along with the arm
A new, aelven faction is coming for Age of Sigmar. They're the Lumineth Realm-Lords and you can take a look at what these new mostly-white-clad pointy-eared figures are headed into battle with.
Back when Games Workshop was opening up their webshop again, Canada, The US, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy were left out. Well, the exclusion time is over. Games Workshop is opening up those count