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A new iteration of high elves are headed soon to Age of Sigmar tabletops. They're the Lumineth Realm-Lords and Warhammer Community has a look at many of the key figures coming out for the faction.
Games Workshop is looking to integrate all of your Warhammer experiences together with the upcoming My Warhammer system. It'll be a way to combine your accounts on Games Workshop's website, as well as
A new army is coming for Age of Sigmar. The Lumineth Realm Lords are a new faction for the light that you can head on over and order the first sets for now, basically a starter army along with the arm
A new, aelven faction is coming for Age of Sigmar. They're the Lumineth Realm-Lords and you can take a look at what these new mostly-white-clad pointy-eared figures are headed into battle with.
Back when Games Workshop was opening up their webshop again, Canada, The US, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy were left out. Well, the exclusion time is over. Games Workshop is opening up those count
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, companies are looking for ways to remain open while keeping their workers safe. Skeleton crews, new guidelines for work, and new procedures for shipping product hav
The world is changing right before our eyes. A new normal is being established. We're learning to live in a COVID-19 world. That has its ups and downs, of course. But one of the ups is that companies
It's just the theme of the day, unfortunately. Games Workshop has cancelled Warhammer Fest 2020 and other events all over the world. It's just not a good time to be getting together in big numbers.
Recently, a bunch of different governments put out updated guidelines for closings during the worldwide outbreak. Pretty much anything considered vital has been closed down. To comply with all these n
drew 300 days ago
I'm surprised they're closing down their online sales as well. I mean, its not like we don't all have piles of minis we should have painted a long time ago, but when the end of the world is nigh, don't you just want to splurge for a huge Forge World Great Unclean One?
The GAMA Trade Show is going on. That means lots of new stuff to see. Games Workshop is there and they've got a whole bunch of things they're showing off. New Necromunda, Age of Sigmar, Adeptus Titani
Lizardmen. Ok, they're called Seraphon now (and have for quite some time, but they'll always be Lizardmen to me), but they've always been one of my favorite Age of Sigmar armies (even though I never a
Games Workshop has a whole lot of things going on in their webshop this week. There's a new Necromunda book and unit. They've got some new Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game kits. But they've also got
Games Workshop has a new batch of pre-orders available over in their webshop, as is their weekly custom. This time around, it's a new Age of Sigmar book. It's called Wrath of the Everchosen. It's all
It's a New Year and Games Workshop is looking to get you some new figures. If you've been wanting to get into Age of Sigmar, but there's not been a starter set you've liked, perhaps the new Aether War
'Tis the season for updating games, apparently. We've had a few recently, and Games Workshop is jumping in on the bandwagon. So, if you're an Age of Sigmar player, you'll want to head over and see wha
Well, last week, you got the army book. That means that this week you get the new releases for the faction. If you're looking to pick up the new Ossiarch Bonereapers, you'll want to meander to the Gam
whencannonsfade Nov-4 19
So I guess Tomb Kings really are 'dead' in the literal sense of the word. That makes me sad. These guys are ok, but TK looked way cooler.
Sometimes, a company's just like, "Ok, we're going to release just a ton of everything that we have. Ready-set-go!" That seems like what GW's up to this week. There's some new Aeronautica Imperialis h
Scattershot set of pre-orders from Games Workshop this week. Though their main banner was about the new Warhammer Underworlds set, called Beastgrave - The Grymwatch, I'm most excited about the new Liz
We're just a day away from my favorite month: Orktober! Games Workshop is wasting no time at all. They've already got a new Battletome for Age of Sigmar available to order for the green brutes (sure,
The latest set for Warhammer Underworlds is available to order from Games Workshop. It's called Beastgrave and it's more than just a new set, it's a new core set, giving you new updated rules for Warh
There's... just about everything in this announcement. It's a little hard to summarize, since it covers pretty much all of GW's game lines, from Age of Sigmar to 40k and their various spin-offs, as we
A new skirmish game set in the Age of Sigmar universe is coming to you from Games Workshop. It's called Warcry and they're taking pre-orders for it now. Control your gang as you fight against others i
I know, a really generic headline, but when it comes to typing out all the different things that are available to pre-order this week from Games Workshop, it'd either be a really short headline that g
Well, that's a kit that's been around for quite some time mostly unchanged. It's the Leman Russ. Games Workshop has retooled the old Imperial Guard mainstay. There's also a new Warhammer Underworlds d
Big pre-order week for Games Workshop this week. Primarily, they've got the 2019 General's Handbook for Age of Sigmar. Those that want to be up-to-date with the rules will want to check it out. There'