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Ainsty Castings

The week rolls along. Hopefully it's going well for you. Mine's been very busy. But that's meant things are going by quickly. Quickly is good and bad in some cases, as there's a lot to still get done
It's been a scorcher so far this week in the US. Certainly has been here in Atlanta, at least. That heat's made it rough to go outside for anything. Seems like a good time to stay inside and do some g
The week continues on. We've made it halfway through. We might as well press on to the weekend. Turning back now would just be silly. But if we're going to make it, we should rest a bit and get some p
Christmas is this week (as if you didn't know). The end of the year is nigh. Time for some more sales events to get going! This one is from Ainsty Castings. You've got a couple weeks to get in on this
Seems Ainsty Castings thinks that I should just stick around indoors and play games as well. They, too, are having themselves a sale this July. It would appear as though July is a pretty good time to
Ainsty Castings is running a special sale over on their website for the month of December. All orders over £50 will get a 20% discount.Popular thing to do this time of year.SourceFrom the sales sheet:
Ainsty Castings is having their June sale over in their webshop. Go get some minis and terrain for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.SourceFrom the announcement:For the rest of June we are offe
Ainsty Castings is running a December Sale and announced their January price increase.SourceFrom the announcement:December Sale. 20% off all orders of £40 or more, This sale runs until 31st December 2
Ainsty Castings has the perfect thing for your little Indiana Jones sets with the release of their new mine carts and tracks terrain sets.From the release:Brand new Mine Ore Carts and Track options no
Ainsty Castings has some special deals going on now over on their website. Go check 'em out.From the announcement:August sees 3 special deals from Ainsty Castings. We have the Pirate Fleet, Ape Assaul
Ainsty Castings has a new Wicker Man model available over in their webshop.Aaah! The bees! The bees!From the release:Alan the Wicker Man Standing taller than a very tall thing, with room inside for a
Ainsty Castings has their new official 15mm Hammers Slammers vehicles available just in time for Salute.From the update:All ready for Salute and also to order online are the new Official vehicles for
Ainsty Castings is turning 2 years old! *sniffle* They grow up so fast. They're having a sale as well as announcing a new custom build service.From the announcement:It is now two years since I took ov
Ainsty Castings is getting a little weird and wild with their new Weird West minis, available now.From the release:The Good The Bad and the AinstyAinsty Castings releases the first of their Weird West
Ainsty Castings starts a soccer riot with their new Football Hooligans.From the release:AGGRO minis are on the streets, the Terraces and scuffling in a Pub near you! First three packs of these new 197
Ainsty Castings has started up their December sales over on their website.From the sales sheet:December Discount and Postage offers as followsOrder £50 or more and receive 20% DicsountPLUS Order £70 o
Ainsty Castings has some new Damn, Dirty Apes! *shakes fist* available over in their webstore.From the release:Armed 28mm Apes are now available from Ainsty Castings. These are the first two packs of
Ainsty Castings has some new industrial terrain pieces available over in their website. That old Pringles can just won't work any longer.
Ainsty Castings has released new drivers for their buggies over on their website. They've also got some new starship droids.From them to you:After the popularity of the Buggies launched earlier this y
Ainsty Castings has a new set of table and chairs for to make your gaming table pretty.From the release:New listings include these 28mm Wooden tables and four chairs for £4.50. choice of either laden
Ainsty Castings is offering free shipping for orders over 60gbp (that's British pounds, not actual weight of 60 pounds) for a limited time.From the update:Take advantage of FREE Postage from now until
Ainsty is having a July special on their Flameblade Range. Get some of their terrain pieces for cheaper than usual.July sees the whole of the Flameblade Range on 20% Special discount price. from indiv
Ainsty Castings put up some new post-apocalyptic, London-inspired terrain up on their website.From the release:New in store, the first models for the new Ruined cities Range. Kicking off with two icon
Ainsty Scasting is running some specials over on their website for June. Everybody loves saving money.From the release:Starting with this month we will be offering a number of models each month with a
Ainsty Castings has a bunch of new sci-fi pieces to accentuate your gaming table.From the release:Lots of new items have been uploaded to the AINSTY web store this week, We have A Snowmobile, several