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It's two, two, two expansions for the price of one! For a short time, AEG is having a sale on their Smash Up expansions. Simply buy one and they'll send you a second one for nothing. No coupon code ne
The captain is the head of the ship and its crew. What they say goes. They are a fearless leader who will see the ship through any sort of danger. But... what if the captain's... y'know... dead? Then,
Another day, another special deal from over in the AEG webshop. This time around, it's Guildhall Fantasy. Want to everything for the game all at once at half of what you'd usually spend? Now's the tim
I've been watching a lot of science shows on YouTube lately. I love a good documentary. Some are about how the Earth formed all those years ago. Little bits of dust gathering together, getting bigger
Why did the game designers do what they did? Why did they make the game choices as they are? What were some of the steps they went through in the design process? Many of us wonder these sorts of thing
Sure, you could say that wanting to buy more games when you have a bunch already is greedy. But when a sale is happening and you can get a game for half its usual price, that's not being greedy. It's
Dice games. They're usually pretty quick to play. Just roll some bones and see what you've got. If you're looking to add some more to your collection, as they tend to be pretty family-friendly and gre
AEG calls Mystic Vale their Card Crafting Game, as it allows you to actually change your cards as you play by adding mostly-transparent cards into the sleeves, changing how the cards work. Well, they'
Since we aren't supposed to go to the game shop and hang out or gather at your friend's place, it can be rough to get some games in. Thankfully, the internet exists. And every day, there's new ways to
AEG is just having special after special after special in their webshop. This time around, it's Unicornus Knights. But you don't get free expansions, you get two whole free games from their Big in Jap
Mystic Vale is unique among deck-building games in that your number of cards stays the same. It's the cards, themselves, that you change by adding mostly-transparent extra cards to your card sleeve as
The featured picture and sales notice already makes the obvious joke. So, I'll just say that did you know that They Might Be Giants were doing a cover when they did Istanbul? No? See for yourself. Or,
Can't really beat "Free" when it comes to a sale. I mean, sure, they could throw extra money on top of it or something, but realistically, free is about as good as you can get. And that's where you're
At all times, it's always good to have your dollar go just a little farther. And in these strange times, that only increases in importance. Well, AEG is looking to stretch your gaming buck. They've go
I am still livin' with your... ghost.
Smash Up is custom-built for adding factions from pretty much every genre. Well, thanks to the team-up between AEG and The OP Games, we're getting some new decks coming in the form of Smash Up: Marvel
It's amazing what people will do for a shiny piece of metal. At least, that's what the animals in Tiny Towns have figured out. While digging out a hole in a hill to make more space, they came across a
I am still livin' with your... ghost...
You're just going about your day, thinking everything's just fine, when suddenly you hear a rumbling and grumbling coming from the sewer grates. What could it be? Where's your little brother and his t
The lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly is pretty amazing. They start in Mexico, then fly all the way up to Canada before flying all the way back again. However, desipte this migration has been happeni
In Smash Up, players crash together two factions and create something strong out of the team-up. Well, the game is now a representation of real life because AEG and The Op Games (aka - USAopoly) are t
The Earth's a pretty sweet place, right? Vast plains. Majestic forests. Soaring mountains. Deep oceans. Ah, just wonderful... But... like... what if those mountains were over there? Or maybe those pl
AEG is headed to kickstarter to get you a new expansion for Edge of Darkness, the card-building, deckbuilding, worker-placement game (it's got a little bit of everything). This expansion is called Cli
A new expansion for Edge of Darkness is coming soon from AEG. It's the Cliffs of Insanity! *re-reads notes*Wait, no, no, it's The Cliffs of Coldharbor. My bad. This new set will be coming to Kickstart