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Ancient Chronicles

It's always a great thing to see a game go on Kickstarter, fun successfully, then be sent to backers successfully, and then hit regular retail release. And that's exactly what we have here with Sword
Missing out on a Kickstarter is no fun. No exclusives. No special pricing. It's a bummer. Thankfully, there's Late Pledge times for many campaigns. And that's what we've got here. Ares Games has opene
The next game in the legendary Sword & Sorcery line is up on Kickstarter. Ares Games has launched their campaign for Ancient Chronicles. This new stand-alone game for 1-5 players takes players int
Ares Games is pleased to announce a new game in the Sword & Sorcery line of cooperative fantasy board games. It's called Ancient Chronicles and it's a new "expanshalone." That is to say, it is it'