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Egypt is moving from a polytheistic society to a monotheistic one. All the various gods see what's happening and have vowed to be the one god that everyone worships. In the end, only one will be left
frankeajs 49 days ago
I hear CMON is in trouble in HONG KONG with an audit and they have stopped trading on the stock market.
Marcus 49 days ago
Yes, CMON appears to be undergoing an audit but let's not spread rumors without some sources and facts. So here is the source article saying they are under audit: And here is CMON's rebuttal:
Ankh: Gods of Egypt is CMON's next Kickstarter campaign, launching on the platform next week. In this article, we get a look at a general overview of the game's mechanics. Just exactly how do the play
Ancient Egypt is known for having a polytheistic society with many different gods and goddesses being in control of different aspects of life and death. In Ankh, players will take on the role of these
While a lot of us are working from home or on a... unscheduled break from work, we're spending a lot of time bored. Well, one thing that I know peps a lot of people up is a good Kickstarter campaign.
Ankh is the next board game that's coming to Kickstarter from CMON. It's the third in the series of games created by the people that also brought you Blood Rage and Rising Sun. Egypt is moving to a mo