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Arena Mortis

The world of Warhammer Underworlds is getting just a bit more deadly as the new Arena Mortis box is now available to pre-order from Games Workshop. Get your gladiator prepped and hit the arena floor.
Warhammer Underworld's favorite arena combat style is getting itself an upgrade. Arena Mortis brings you down from even a small warband of fighters to just a single combatant against their foes. Get a
Games Workshop is taking a decidedly fantasy bent this week in terms of their pre-orders. They have two new sets for Warhammer Underworlds, including a new starter set as well as Arena Mortis. Then, f
The fighters have entered the arena. They have studied the art of combat and each one feels that they have what it takes to survive. But will they, actually? That's up to you to decide in Arena Mortis