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Arena Rex

Red Republic Games has their Arena Rex webshop now open. They've got all their goodies from their Kickstarter campaign now available. Adding to that group is their first new release since the aforemen
Well, we've painted ourselves into a corner... a Terrain Corner!Look, it's a busy week. Not all the jokes are going to be good ones. But that doesn't change that it is once again Thursday and so that
It's always cool to see a game that had been funded on Kickstarter see a general release. This is one of those times, as Red Republic Games has opened up their Arena Rex webshop. Now, if you missed ou
Red Republic Games has released their first post-Kickstarter campaign minis over in their Arena Rex webshop. You can pick up Sulla, Stheno, or Acerbus now.I really need to look more into these minis.
Red Republic Games has a preview up of the completed sculpt of the Leo mini they've been working on.SourceFrom the preview:Leo is nearly complete and ready to be baked.
Red Republic Games is showing off some new previews for Arena Rex.The sculptors they have doing the modelling are just knocking this stuff out of the park, if you ask me.LionZahra Source
Red Republic Games has posted another progress report on how things are coming along with their Arena Rex Kickstarter. There's some delays, but some new art and WIP models to show off, too.SourceFrom
Red Republic Games has done a major overhaul of their Arena Rex website. It can now be a one-stop-shop for all thing related to the game.SourceFrom the was due for a solid update.
Red Republic has some more previews up for Arena Rex that they've been working on.Plus dice. I love dice.SourceFrom the update:Hello hello all, the RRG team is preparing to spend some quality holiday
Red Republic Games has new previews up for minis for Arena Rex they've been working on. The one below's Marcus Furius.SourceFrom the preview:Greetings backers! We have several new sculpts to share wit
Red Republic Games is showing off some WIPs of minis they've been working on as part of their Arena Rex Kickstarter campaign.Note: One of the minis further down their the page isn't totally safe for w
Red Republic Games is showing off some preview pictures of their WIP for Viatrix for Arena Rex.Source
Brueckenkopf takes a look at Arena Rex's Aquila model and gives you their thoughts on the subject.From the review:In another article of our big resin-week we take a closer look at Aquila, the great gl
Red Republic Games has posted an Arena Rex gameplay video over on their Kickstarter page.From the update: It’s here, finally. The long-anticipated (and long labored-over) gameplay video will guide you
Arena Rex had a good weekend, unlocking the Wendigo for their campaign and showing off the next several stretch goals.From the update:Wendigo is now available in the Field of Titans!You guys are unsto
Red Republic Games is showing off some more greens for Arena Rex, which broke through their $80k stretch goal.From the preview:Noxius and Micon , presented for your viewing pleasure! Benoit Cauchies'
Red Republic Games continues to rise on Kickstarter. They're showing off a lot more stuff for the campaign, including WIP models, dice and battle mats.From the update:Red Republic Games has 20 days le
Red Republic Games made it up and over $60k on Kickstarter and thus has unlocked another model for Arena Rex.From the update:Red Republic Games is hard at work keeping up with all the unlocked stretch
Red Republic Games continues to unlock stretch goals in Arena Rex. Their next set to come up include some Egyptian-inspired models.From the update:In 5 days, Red Republic Games and their project Arena
Red Republic Games has been doing rather well over on Kickstarter. They've made their goal and should be at 200% funded soon (if not already by the time you read this). They've unlocked a bunch of goo
Red Republic Games got their Kickstarter campaign underway.Do you ever watch movies about gladiators?From the campaign:Gladiator miniatures and an arena skirmish game in a world where history, myth, a
Red Republic Games is giving you the chance to become an Arena Rex mini.How awesome is that?From the contest:Get ready to step into the world of Arena Rex with this opportunity to put on your gladiato
Red Republic Games, makers of Arena Rex, are having a giveaway where you could win one of their Aquila models.From the contest:Note: Everything referring to "we" and "our" means Red Republic Games.We
Red Republic Games now has their full Arena Rex website up and running, along with a nice video turntable preview of their Aquila model.From the announcement:Red Republic Games launches .
Red Republic Games continues our theme of new company (or at least, new to us) announcements. Though this time there's an extra bit of goodness as they're announcing a new minis line and game system.