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Ares Games

The folks over at Ares Games didn't just want to bring you one new Quartermaster General release. So, they've got two for you. Quartermaster General: 1914 and Quartermaster General WW2 Prelude are bot
Been a while since I've heard this name, but Xplored and their Teburu system are still out there. Now, they're teamed up with Ares Games to bring a new experience to your tabletops.
The Thing changed horror cinema when it was released. Regarded as one of the best in the genre, it has been a cultural icon for decades. Soon, you can bring the grotesque horror to your tabletops with
Type O Negative sang that "Everyone I love is dead." Well, in Last One Alive, it's not just friends and loved ones, but pretty much everyone. And if you want to keep staying alive, you'll want to roll
Just a day after I started my run on TGN, Ares Games opened their doors. As such, they're celebrating 10 years of existence. And to celebrate, they're having a massive give-away. Head on through to fi
Yeah, I know. Funny headline. But that's what we have. Ares Games will be at Gen Con Indy this weekend and they're showing off just what they'll have at the show for those that'll be there (which does
Ares Games has teamed up with Galakta Games to bring you the 2nd edition of their post-apocalyptic game, Waste Knights. Ares will be handling the English distribution in North America and other non-Eu
Ares Games and Nuts! Publishing have a partnership where Ares produces and distributes the English version of their games. However, in 300: Earth & Water, the players don't have a partnership. Tho
Well, we've had a billionaire in space. But what about the rest of us? We might not be able to strap ourselves into a rocket and go to space for real, but we can still live vicariously through our gam
It's always a great thing to see a game go on Kickstarter, fun successfully, then be sent to backers successfully, and then hit regular retail release. And that's exactly what we have here with Sword
I know it's only the end of May, but lately it's felt like everyone's really getting prepped for Halloween. I've been playing my Type O Negative station on Pandora. I've seen several Halloween-y thing
When you only speak English, you are missing out on a whole ton of games that are out there. Well, I only speak English, and I know I'm missing out. But Ares Games is looking to help some. They've ann
Getting your games to a different market that you're not a part of can be tough. Thankfully, many game companies are happy to help distribute your game in other parts of the world an in other language
Green, as they say, is good. At least, that's the prevailing feeling in Orconomics, the economic game with a decidedly ork-y twist. Ares Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring you a new, u
The market is volatile. Economies change with the times. And so do games. That's why new editions come out from time to time. Such is the case with Orconomics. Ares Games has announced that the 2nd ed
I'm always a fan of seeing a game that was on Kickstarter fund, get made, sent to backers, and then made for general release. And that's what we've got here. Waste Knights: Second Edition was funded o
The world is filled with many beautiful languages. But if you only speak one, well, it can be tough to get the games you love in the language you know. Thankfully, Ares Games is here to help. They've
Ares Games has announced that their Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles game is coming to an end as of the end of 2020. The license agreement has not been renewed and therefore, the game is at an e
Set int he alternate-Victorian world of Nova Aetas, Black Rose Wars gives players a new way to experience all the intrigued and strategy of that setting. Mages fight to become the new Supreme Magister
The Thing: The Board Game takes you to the desolate landscape of Antarctica as you try and escape being turned into a gruesome alien. And when it eventually hits store shelves, it'll be Ares Games tha
Times are tough for business owners out there right now. And it's not just in one place. It's everywhere. Having the know-how to keep a business running is important. And it's a good set of skills to
Not every game shop out there is open yet, and so it can be tough to get some of the games you want. Well, if the game you want is Dungeonology from Ares Games, you don't have to wait any longer. Ares
While the English-speaking world is a big portion of the gaming world, it's not all of it, and many games are released in languages other than English. So, when you want to get your game on and you on
With different companies doing their best to reopen while still keeping their workers safe during the pandemic, several have started to be able to announce new releases. In this case, it's Ares Games
Can't get out to your friend's place to get a game in? Local shop closed for the pandemic? Still wanting to get some gaming in while you're all alone? Ares Games is here to help. They've added solo pl