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Attica Games

Attica Games has a pair of new releases for their Plastic Population range of minis. Come and meet Professor Polyphemus and his Rubber Gollum.SourceFrom the release:Attica Games is delighted to add Pr
Attica Games has added the new MissPrint and MissHap to their Plastic Population line of miniatures.From the release:Attica Games has added the misbegotten, misbehaving MissPrint and MissHap to its Pl
Attica Games has two new releases to add to their minis line: Shoulders and Miranda Polyphemus.From the announcement:“Shoulders”, the Plastic Population Guard, has a dark heart, which the occasional f
Attica Games has 2 more releases available over on their website.From the announcement:Attica Games’ second ‘Plastic Population’ release delivers Sparks and Weldy from Professor Polyphemus’ Population
Attica Games has their first new releases in a while up on their website, the first of their new Plastic Pandemonium range.From the update:Attica Games is delighted to launch its new ‘Plastic Populati
Attica Games is a new miniatures company. Go check them out.From the announcement:If you love fantasy horror, classic sci-fi or just something that exercises the geeky grey matter then you’ll want to