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Avatars of War

Avatars of War sees that it's April on the calendar, but they're much more in an October mood. They've got a whole bunch of new Undead minis available over on their website and they're even having a s
There's a couple gaming companies out there that have launched Patreon campaigns. For those that don't know, it's a form of crowdfunding where you basically subscribe to a company and they'll occasion
I mean, when it comes to being an arena fighter, having size, power, and a lack of self-preservation are all key features in a winning competitor. The Ogre Berserker has all of three in excess. You ca
There's a new mini available from Avatars of War over on their website. It's their Dark Elf Princess. And it's much more than just a mini, but it's the first of their new Younique Heroes line of fully
I feel like there's a bunch of "Yo momma" jokes that could go with this figure, but that'd be mean, so I'll avoid them all. Instead, I'll simply say that the new Midwife of Pestilence figure is now av
A new champion is making his way onto the sands in Arena DeathMatch. He's the Tower of Torment and Avatars of War has posted up his stats online so you can add this gladiator of great renown to your f
I've always got a soft spot for lizardmen. I mean, it's dinosaur-people and often, they have their own dinosaurs with them. This one, the new Skink Priest from Avatars of War, has a huge pet snake. Th
If your favorite team out on the pitch is the Lizardmen (like it is for me), then you'll be excited to see that Avatars of War has a new Saurian Player available to order from over in their webshop. H
"An Ogre!?! But those are dangerous!?!" That's right. An ogre is dangerous. And if they're in a rage, that makes them even more dangerous-er. And it's one of these brutes that's making their way to yo
A new competitor hits the sand and hears the roar of the crowd in Arena Deathmatch. It's the Hobgoblin Berserker. Used two spiked balls on chains (no snickering, please), he's ready to prove that he's
You might think that dwarves are all about thick armor and axes, probably eschewing the magic arts in favor of massive shields. But you would be wrong when it comes to the Infernal Dwarves. And two ne
I'm trying my best to drink water. We all should drink more water. But I know a lot of you don't want to get up to refill your ice water cup all the time. To help, Avatars of War has released the new
The week's already halfway over. Yeah, it's just moving by that fast. No complaints here, mind you. Even though I don't have anything currently planned for the weekend, I'm still excited for a couple
Avatars of War has created stats for the Dread Beastmaster. Able to bend even the fiercest of creatures to her will, she's a dangerous foe to fight in the sands of the arena. You can get the card for
The actual gridiron might be a little barren this upcoming season. Thankfully, there's still tabletop gridirons that can have some action on them. And if you're looking for a new player, Avatars of Wa
Avatars of War have been busy over in their workshop, designing a new edition of Arena Deathmatch. And now, it's ready to hit your tabletops. You can head over and order the new 4th edition game, chec
Looking for someone new to be in charge of your Avatars of War warband? Well, there's a new figure on the block, the Maraduer Warlord and he cuts quite an imposing figure on the tabletop. You can head
Filled with rage and anger? Want to swing giant spiked balls on chains around? Got a kick-ass mohawk? Then you might just be a hobgoblin berserker. If you want to add a new figure to your Avatars of W
It's been a while since we've heard from them, but the folks over at Avatars of War are still working hard, even in these strange times. They've even got a pair of new releases over in their webshop f
Animals have been used and are still used in combat pretty much since the beginning. There's a lot of creatures out there that are fierce and would love to just rip whatever they're pointed at to shre
It feels like it's taking forever, but the weekend is getting here. A day and change to go. We'll be able to make it. And then I'll have some gaming to do on Saturday. Just... gotta... get... there...
The folks over at Avatars of War have a new mini available for you. It's the spearback lizard. Probably don't want to pick one up to be your kid's pet. They can't really snuggle with it and it just mi
Be sure to set two more places at the dinner table this holiday season. Avatars of War has a pair of new releases available now over in their webshop. Probably don't want to seat them next to one-anot
Well, that was a quite nice couple of days off. I hope those of you that celebrated Thanksgiving were able to have a good one. And I hope those that went shopping on Black Friday were able to get out
The folks over at Avatars of War have posted up this month's releases. On one side, you've got a dwarven warrior with his shiny armor, big shield, and axe. On the other, you've got a horror of pestile