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Battle Systems

Battle Systems is bringing you a new way to get into Core Space with a new starter set. It's called First Born and it's got highly-detailed terrain right in the main box. Make your way through the dan
Hey everyone, I've crawled out of my overeating haze just long enough to collect together some Black Friday/Holiday Sales that are happening now, collected all together for your convenience. Most are
Core Space has a new expansion set available for it. It's the Galatic Corps, a group of well-trained and well-disciplined individuals. They're coming to the system and you don't want to be between the
Battle Systems has announced a new expansion for Core Space. It's Shootout at Zed's, and it's got a lot of new things for players to enjoy. There's new miniatures, new gear, and a new campaign that yo
Friday Eve. We're almost back to the weekend. I'm planning on just taking it easy, because sometimes a, "not do anything of any real consequence" weekend is nice. But eventually I'll have a gaming wee
Battle Systems has started taking pre-orders for their Core Space sci-fi miniatures board game. They had a successful Kickstarter and now's your chance if you missed out to still get your name on the
You might know Battle Systems for all that awesome terrain that they make. Well, if you've been wanting a specific game to go with said terrain, your wish has been granted. They are running a Kickstar
The week continues along. This has been a pretty good one, I must say. My new dice came in. So I'm happy about that. We're also getting ever-closer to the weekend. I'm making plans not only for Saturd
Back in the office again today. Saturday was a heck of a good time running that D&D game. Nobody died, thankfully. We had some really good character interaction. It seems everyone's personality will m
Is anyone else's week just racing by? It's already Thursday! I... should probably think about making plans for the weekend. Maybe get some gaming done. I've got some prototypes of games I need to look
It's Monday again, dear TGN readers. For some of you, it's Labor Day (or Labour Day for you Canadians). So this is generally considered a "better Monday than most." I, of course, am here in the office
Friday is once again upon us, dear readers. Oh what a glorious day it is, indeed. The weekend stretches ahead of us with all sorts of possibilities. Hopefully those possibilities include gaming-relate
Battle Systems has posted up a preview shot of the derelict walls they've been working on since the end of their successful Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:So, here we are finally crawling
Battle Systems is in their final 2 days on Kickstarter and they're going out with a bang. They're showing off their new Fortress terrain.Fortress 2Fortress 3Fortress TowerFortress SourceFrom the campa
Battle Systems keeps making their way through stretch goals over on their Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the campaign:So you obviously really wanted that Double door and portc
Battle Systems unlocked a new add-on over in their Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter.SourceFrom the update:Yes, at 666 backers we unlocked the Dimension Gate, a vortex of flexibility that allows you
Battle Systems is on quite a rise over on Kickstarter for their Fantasy Dungeons terrain. They've just unlocked the Mines of Minerva expansion.SourceFrom the campaign:We have just unlocked our first A
Battle Systems has launched their Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter campaign. They're already 3x funded and then some, so check out the stretch goals and other extras.SourceFrom the campaign:Hello,
Battle Systems had their new Fantasy terrain for preview over at the UK Gamesday Expo. Here's how it looked.SourceFrom the post:What a first busy day at the show. Our voices are broke as usual, but we
Battle Systems is showing off a preview shot of the Infested Walls terrain piece they've been working on.SourceFrom the preview:We are showing a sneak peak of the Infested Walls Add-On from our resent
Battle Systems gives us a look at the "whites" that they're working on for their terrain system the successfully funded through Kickstarter.SourceFrom the update:Hi All,Well we have been busy. Those o
Battle Systems has just a day left over on Kickstarter for their modular sci-fi terrain system. They've made it through a bunch of stretch goals, and probably will make it through some more before it'
Battle Systems has a week left for their Sci-Fi modular terrain system. Check out the photos of them teamed up with the fellas from Alien Vs. Predator.SourceFrom the update:Hey guys a very small updat
Battle Systems is showing off the screecaps of some new terrain pieces they're working on for their Sci-Fi Modular Terrain Kickstarter project.SourceFrom the update:With 10 more days to go, Battle Sys
Battle Systems has been blasting through stretch goals since the launch of their Sci-Fi terrain system Kickstarter. They've posted up some more that will surely be broken sometime soon.SourceFrom the