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Bayou Bash

Gen Con's super-late this year. But that just means companies had more chance to get things prepped for the show, including show specials. Wyrd's posted what they'll have available, whether you're in
And they went ahead and made the Pink Floyd reference for me. So there's that. Anyway, Wyrd has posted up a preview of the pig racer from Bayou Bash. Like all the minis from the game, they've also got
And they already made the Alice in Chains reference that I would've made. Oh well. In this preview, you get two, two, two previews in one! We get a look at the rooster racer for Bayou Bash as well as
Wyrd is looking to have themselves a really big June. How big? They've got 8 new releases coming. Plenty for Malifaux as well as Bayou Bash will be hitting tabletops. Want to know what you need to sav
This is almost a 2-for-1 preview from Wyrd this week. We get a look at the characters coming in their upcoming racing game, Bayou Bash. But those figures will also be available to use in Malifaux. We
Look, having been in the gaming industry in the production side of things, I get games being pushed back... and it happening again... and again... and again. It's sometimes just unavoidable. Well, tha
It's Monday. And while that may not mean it's the greatest day of the week, it does mean that Wyrd has a new preview to show off. They continue along their looks into the upcoming Bayou Bash board gam
Born on the bayou!Born on the baaaaaaaaaaaayouuuuuuuuu!Born on the bayou!Yeah, I'm going to be thinking of CCR whenever Wyrd brings out another preview for Bayou Bash, their upcoming racing board game
While some of us had yesterday off, the folks over at Wyrd were still working along as usual. This means they had their regular Monday preview. So, while it's a little later, better late than never.Yo