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Black Powder

The Spanish are headed to war. A whole host of new infantry figures are available for your Black Powder games from Warlord Games. Fusiliers and Grenadiers are going to rank-up and keep Spain free from
Cavalry units were some of the most important and powerful units to fight on battlefields for thousands of years. That certainly was the case during the Napoleonic wars. And soon, some new Prussian Ca
Napoleon was originally an artillery commander. That's where he got his start in the military. And it was his brilliant use of heavy guns that won many battles for the French. Soon, you'll be able to
Prussia was one of the military powerhouses of Europe for the longest time. Their army was feared among many of the other nations. And you can bring some of that might to your tabletops soon, as Warlo
Black Seas and Black Powder are the games getting new figure kits coming out soon. And they're sort of at two ends of the spectrum. For Black Powder, there's new Spanish infantry. For Black Seas, it's
A new commander is taking to the field in Black Powder. The Duke of Marlborough has headed into battle. How will this British commander make an impact on the game? Well, Warlord Games is here to look
The amphibious landing. It's been a staple of warfare for thousands of years as water-based troops storm the beaches to fight a foe on the land. Warlord Games is bringing these exciting battles to you
Warlord Games had a big release week this week. There's new Bolt Action figures for both WWII as well as the Korean War. Same goes for Blood Red Skies. And then they have some Crimean War sets for Bla
Warlord Games has some new kits that are available on their website. You can pick up some new Riflemen for Black Powder. Then there's the Edgehill Characters or Pike & Shotte. And then, uh... ther
From what I've been able to tell, Rorke's Drift for the British is sort of like the Alamo for Americans. It's a battle that, while rather small in scale, has lived large in the historical records, and
It's getting to be almost 100 degrees here in GA this week. It really makes me long for those cool days back when I lived in Chicago. There, one could possibly get use out of a pair of snowshoes. Not
Three eras of warfare are on display this week from Warlord Games. There's a pair of armored carriers (ok, it's really the same, but one's got a tarp over it) for Bolt Action. There's some new Vikings
There's three eras of releases available to order from Warlord Games this week. There's a new Age of Bronze book for Hail Caesar. For Black Powder, it's a whole host of new heads to choose from. Bolt
Black Powder 2nd Edition has been out for a couple weeks now, and players are really sinking their teeth into it. But if you want to get something a little extra special, Warlord Games has bundled tog
The Black Powder rules cover a fairly active time, military-wise, with the Napoleonic conflicts over in Europe, along with several wars in North America. Arguably one of the ones that had the most las
As the second edition of Black Powder looms for release this weekend, adding to the Year of New Editions, Warlord Games is looking over all the different conflicts that can be recreated using the rule
Black Powder 2nd Edition is almost upon us, and with that, Warlord Games is giving you some new kits. First off, there's a new starter set for one of the most historic battles ever fought: Waterloo. I
As mentioned before, the Black Powder rules cover a relatively large segment of history where quite a number of military actions were taken. Warlord Games is looking over some of those as the release
The Black Powder game rules cover quite a large swath of time and quite a lot of conflicts all across Europe. Using the rules and the various box sets available, you can recreate a very large number o
In the Year of New Editions, any game can get a new version rolled out. In this case, it's Black Powder, the Napoleonic-era historical war game from Warlord Games. Quite a few of you have already play
The Year of New Editions rolls on. This time around, it's Warlord Games who's getting in on the action with Black Powder 2nd Edition. Pre-orders go on sale in a day, with the first 250 people that ord
It's not just Arthurian-age figures that are now available from Warlord Games. They're also offering new Napoleonic figures in the form of French Marines of the Guard, plus their commanders, over on t
Box sets are handy when you want to get an entire unit of figures at once. But what about when you just need a single figure? Maybe one got lost or busted or you want to customize your forces just a l
Another day, another army release from Warlord Games. They certainly are taking no prisoners when it comes to new releases this week. With the new book coming out for Black Powder being about the Peni
Napoleon went a little bit of everywhere across Europe during his conquests. Historians break down his movements into different campaigns, each with their own dynamics on the battlefield and political