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This is a pretty big release month for CMON. They've got two core games and two expansions, split up between some of their more popular games. There's the latest version of Zombicide in the form of Gr
The Bloodborne card game takes players into a dark and scary world where death more-than-likely awaits you just around the corner with big, pointy teeth! You thought it was tough enough, but it's abou
Well, I did my Thanksgiving grocery shopping. It's... well, I'm having 2 Thanksgivings, so there's that. Turkeys, dressing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuff to make glazed carrots, rolls (from scratch)
Bloodborne is one of the more-popular video games of the last few years. The challenge comes from basically making it as far as you can before you're brutally killed in-game. It's not so much a questi
It's time for the final panel here at the CMON Expo. We've had our look at Wrath of Kings and Dark Age. We've had our look at Massive Darkness. Now we sit down for a nice, quiet, fireside chat with ga
Well, it's sort of an announcement. At GAMA, lots of various shots here and there of products were posted up. Eric Lang, designer of such games like Quarriors, Blood Rage, and Kaosball, posted up one