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Board Games

When Masters of the Universe: The Board Game: Clash for Eternia hits tabletops, there'll be a couple different ways you can go about playing. You can do 1vsMany or Co-op. Want a bit more insight into
Seems like a good story to close out the week with. If you're planning on getting together with friends, I'm guessing games will probably on the table. Drinks also might be on the table. Put them toge
Viruses and bacteria, having genetic material, have the ability to change that genetic material occasionally. This could be harmless or it could mean that those looking to combat those pathogens are g
The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars were quite a tumultuous time in France in particular and Europe in general. That sort of goes without saying, really, but it's into this crazy time that y
Vagrantsong is Wyrd's upcoming ghost train board game. We got a look at a couple of the unlucky vagrants who hopped the wrong train last week. This week, we get a look at a few more of these poor, unf
Steamforged Games has started taking pre-orders for the next expansion for the Horizon Zero Dawn board game. It's called The Sacred Land and it adds new enemy types, new hunters, new terrain tiles, an
He-Man is one of the first toy sets that I really remember getting a lot of. I even had Castle Greyskull because I was a badass in grade school. Anyway, I can be a badass in my middle age as well if I
Want to get the latest about the Pathfinder: Arena board game? Been wondering what they've been working on over there? Now's your chance as Paizo has posted an update all about it.
Fantasy Flight Game has two big board games that they've been working on, Unfathomable and Legends of the Dark. If you're craving more info about either (or both), then you'll want to tune in to Fanta
You know, September is still a little bit away, but it's not nearly as far as I originally thought when I got this notice. Dutch publisher will running a Kickstarter then for Eastern Empires, their hi
Ever wanted to run your own football team (and for those Americans in the crowd, football here means the game where you can only touch the ball with your foot)? In Eleven, you can. This new management
There's a quartet of new expansions that are in the works for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid from Renegade Game Studios. These four new sets will be making their way to Kickstarter in just a week's
Berin just can't hold himself back when it comes to attacking zombies. That's a good thing... and also a bad thing. A new Zombicide: Green Horde scenario is now available for your downloading and play
What's the best way to build a city? Should you have it in a circle like a wheel or as a grid? Well, in Squaring Circleville, you have to help go from the former to the latter. It's not as straight-fo
You and your fellow vagabonds are just traveling from place to place as you please when you decide to hop onto a train. Little do you know that this train isn't the Santa Fe Superchief, but is a ghost
Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new board game set in the Arkham Horror Universe. It's called Unfathomable and it takes players onto the SS Atlantica, a ship trying to make it across the Atlantic
In the 90s, there were a lot of toy fads and trends coming and going all the time. The problem with those is that what's hot one week can be passe and done the next, leaving warehouses full of stuff n
Deer Games ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for Momiji, a board game all about celebrating autumn in Japan. Now, they're partnering up with Japanime Games (seems a good fit) for the game's full d
I love autumn. It's my favorite time of year. The weather cools off. The leaves change colors. There's candy everywhere. And Dune: House Secrets is released. Well, that's just special to this year, as
It's always a great thing to see a game go on Kickstarter, fun successfully, then be sent to backers successfully, and then hit regular retail release. And that's exactly what we have here with Sword
"Be Quiet and Drive" was just playing on my Pandora station and it felt rather appropriate. Though I doubt people in a Death Roads race are generally all that quiet. Anyway, Death Roads: All Stars is
The life of an immortal vampire can pretty hectic at times. Waking from their sleep, they must rush to harvest the best eternal roses. But that's not all, because they still need to do regular vampire
Japanime Games is looking to bring you not one, not two, but three more Domina games to you tabletops and they've headed to Kickstarter to get it done. They have their Domina Anthology 2 campaign goin
Unfortunately, due to various delays all along the way, Pandasaurus is having to push back the release date for Brew to *hearty shrugs*. It's just how things are these days with all the various issues