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Bombshell Miniatures

It's Wednesday. But it's also like a Friday, since my weekend starts this afternoon. Either way, we need to get you some bite-sized gaming stories before you head out to the BBQ. So, let's get right t
Happy freakin' Friday and stuff. Yes, it's Friday. My 2nd favorite day of the week. It was also nice and cool out this morning, only reinforcing what I've already got in my mind that it's Autumn alre
Gamers love to be the first one on their block with the new releases when they're available. One way to ensure you get that is to put your name on the list for a pre-order. Well, Counterblast, the ret
Counterblast, by Bombshell Minis, looks to recapture the retro-feeling of 50s and 60s sci-fi. One aspect of that era that they've not yet tapped into is the bits of memorabilia that goes along with it
We're making our way there, ladies and gentlemen. The previous weekend is as far from us as the next one is to us. Have you started getting together any plans? We've got the gaming day at the library
We're once more halfway through the week. So far, it's been a pretty standard week. After the chaos of the week before, I'm not complaining about that at all. I'm also not complaining about the temper
Is this week going by quickly for everyone else, or is it just me? I woke up this morning and sort of shocked myself with the fact that I was putting on my Wednesday shirt already. We'll be getting to
Ok, everyone, we're progressing along at a nice, steady pace through the week. We can keep this up. We can manage to continue this direction and speed and the weekend will be here before we know it. B
Monday and Tuesday are in the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, we work our way towards the weekend. We're halfway there, people. We can make it. But if we're gonna do it, we should stock up on some bite-s
And we're walking.And we're walking.And we're walking.We're making our way through the week.It's Wednesday and it's time for some bite-sized gaming stories.Today we have: Mekawing Z 1.9.5 released in
And we've made it to Friday. The weekend is just a "rest of the work day" away. Unless, of course, you have to work on Saturday and/or Sunday. As someone who used to work at a hospital, I know your pa
We're getting there, people. We're getting there. The weekend is damn-near here. I've got a couple Guild Ball teams to put together. It's so close that our friends over in Australia are already there.
It's time once again for Friday. Now, normally, the week after a "short week" (such as last week) feels like they take forever. At least, to me they do. That's why if given my druthers, I'd have a Mon
Or is it Friday Snippets, because I have the day off tomorrow? (and hopefully you do, too) Either way, it's some bite-sized stories before we have lots more bites tomorrow for Thanksgiving.And yes, I
I'm in my KSU baseball jersey, so it must be Wednesday. And if it's Wednesday, that means there's another batch of bite-sized stories to give you.In this group we have: Spaceteam Card Game Coming To K
Bombshell Miniatures is in their final hours over on Kickstarter for their Counterblast Heavy Support campaign. They've made it over their funding goal and are just looking to push through to get some
Bombshell Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring some heavy support to the world of Counterblast. The fights in the pop-sci-fi world of Counterblast are getting serious and s
Bombshell Miniatures has their new releases for April posted up on their website. They have their Candy the Mobile Sniper. They found some more of their Scout Ship so they'll be in the shop. Also new
Bombshell Miniatures has their latest releases for Counterblast up on their website. They've also got a sale running all month for the core rulebook for the game. You can get it at 20% off the regular
We've got another batch of smaller-sized stories for you this Wednesday.Beyond the cut we've got: New Spaceships from Brigade Models, a 28mm PDF New Orleans Warehouse from Finger and Toe, the latest r
Bombshell Miniatures brings you two new releases for December over in their webshop. First is their Kaitlyn Archer mini (not sure if Archer is her last name or just what she is... possibly both, I gue
Bombshell Miniatures is having a sale over in their webshop for the remainder of the year.SourceFrom the sales sheet:All miniatures in stock are 20% OFF from now until the end of the year. In order to
League of Extraordinary Gamers pops open the Edo starter box from Bombshell Miniatures' Counterblast line and gives you their thoughts on the situation in this new article.SourceFrom the article:Next
Bombshell Miniatures posted their November releases up on their website for you to check out.SourceFrom the announcement:This month's new releases are in production and will be shipping out shortly! T
The Gaming Gang takes a look at Airlock Game's Counterblast sci-fi miniatures game in this new review article.SourceFrom the post:Counterblast is a skirmish level rule set and players can easily get i