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Unfortunately, due to various delays all along the way, Pandasaurus is having to push back the release date for Brew to *hearty shrugs*. It's just how things are these days with all the various issues
Pandasaurus has started taking pre-orders for Brew, their new element-based board game. Not only can you make sure that you get the game as soon as it's released, but you'll also get a free mini-expan
This past year, it's certainly felt like time is broken. The year took a decade to go by, but also, strangely, 10 minutes. That's also what's happening in Brew, of sorts. All seasons are happening at
It's getting close to Spring up here around me. I've actually got the back door open here at the den because it's nice out. Sounds like a perfect time to head out into the woods and do some exploring.