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Button Shy Games

The year is coming to an end. 2017 has been full of twists and turns. 2018 is looking like it will certainly be an interesting one. Certainly one of potential change. To all of you, I wish you a happy
Man, it is busy over here on this side of the screen. Pretty much all week there's been stuff going on. I'm sure that's part of why it feels like it's really flown by... And I've still not really gott
Seventeen new planets have been discovered. Now, there's a mad rush to colonize and exploit them for resources. But these planets are only big enough for so many people to try and get at them, and nob
When I was in High School and when I first went away to college, I wanted to be a physicist. Science had always fascinated me, and so taking classes like "Quantum Physics" sounded fun. Unfortunately,
The Meeple Mechanic continues their "The Fiver" question series with Jason Tagmire from Button Shy Games. This time they take a look at the design behind Pretense, the game night metagame.SourceFrom t
Button Shy Games has just a few days left on their Pretense Kickstarter campaign. Pretense is the game for the gaming group that can never game enough. You hand out Role cards to people at the start