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Call to Arms

A new core set is coming soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. It's the rag-tag group known as the Bandits. You can get your name on the list to get this new set as soon as it's available by headi
Another new core box set is making its way to your tabletops soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms from Modiphius. Fighting against those vampires from earlier today, we have the Dawnguard and thei
There's a new resin core set coming soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, the fantasy miniatures game from Modiphius. They're the Vampires and they're ready to drain the blood of all who stand in
Woooooooah! We're halfway there! Wooooooo-OH! We're still halfway the-ere! Yeah. It's Wednesday. Is the week going by quickly for anyone else? I woke up and it was like, "Dang. Week's half done alread
Modiphius has two new minis packs available for The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms minis games. You've got some new trolls. And there's also a new spider. Arachnophobes, be careful if you decide to click
Are you a wanderer or a delver? These are the questions you must answer if you're headed over to Modiphius' website to pick up your new The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms sets. They have new Adventurer D
As the new year draws closer, people want to know what 2021 will bring in terms of gaming. If you're a fan of the various Modiphius games, you'll be excited by this post, since they give us a glimpse
Modiphius is bringing more danger to your Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms tabletops. They have two new kits available, both based on the Draugr. You can head over and pick up either the Draugr Ancients or
The folks at Modiphius love to go camping. They love it so much, they want to see their little figures go camping to. And they want to see your figures go camping. They have two Elder Scrolls: Call to
A new miniatures game is entering the fray. This one is based on the beloved video game line, The Elder Scrolls. Now, you can take your adventures offline and to your tabletops with Modiphius' new The
The undead are amassing. They're hungry. Hungry for human flesh! Unfortunately, that's what you're made out of. As such, you're #1 on the menu. Thankfully, you've still got your wits about you, and yo
Most of you probably know Modiphius for their large amount of RPGs they produce. And, truly, their catalog is vast and varied. But soon, they'll be bringing you a new board game, one that's based on a
Mongoose Publishing have posted a teaser showing what appears to be a Star Fleet Kirov Class Cruiser as part of an announcement for an upcoming A Call to Arms game.Update: ADB have confirmed that this