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Calliope Games

Calliope Games knows nothing says "love" like gaming with your significant other. To help get you some more games you can play together, they've got a 20% off sale happening over on their website.They
Calliope Games is really excited about their upcoming Kickstarter for their Titans Series of games (stay tuned to TGN in the coming weeks for my interview with Calliope's president about it!). To get
Calliope Games has a holiday sale they're running now over on their website.SourceFrom them to you:Give the gift of gamingWhether you're shopping for a friend or coworker, gift or stocking stuffer, pa
Calliope Games wants to see your carved pumpkins. The best get prizes!SourceFrom the website:We’re thrilled to announce our first ever jack-o’-lantern contest!THE RULES1. Carve a PG or G-rated tableto
Calliope Games has a new giveaway over on their website. This month you could win a Roll for it, Deluxe edition.SourceFrom the announcement:All you need to do is find the secret page on our website an
Calliope Games specializes in what they call “filler” games. These are games that you use to fill in time when you don’t want to, or don’t have time to, play a larger, longer game. I.E. – they’re game
Calliope Games is giving you a chance to win a copy of their Got 'Em! game over on their website. Just find the hidden page.SourceFrom the post:Find the secret contest page on Calliope's website and e
Calliope Games announces the Titan Collection, a series of gateway games from some of the biggest names in game design.SourceFrom the post:In creating the Titan Series, these designers—who have brough
Calliope Games is giving you a chance to win their GenCon edition of Roll For It over on their website.SourceFrom the contest:Have you coveted the limited edition Gen Con Roll For It!, but promptly th
Calliope Games is over on Kickstarter with their latest game, Roll For It, and is looking for funding.From the campaign:At its heart, Roll For It! is a resource management game that blends the luck of