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Capsicum Games

In the Pacific during WWII, the war was vastly different from those on the fields of Europe. It was sailors and pilots that did much of the fighting, with little solid ground for the army to fight on.
It's the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Man... my grocery list was 2x as long as usual. I got 2 turkeys, some sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, dressing, carrots, and ingredients to ma
You know, sometimes you don't want to just be in charge of one ship. You want to be in charge of an entire fleet of ships. I mean, that's real power right there. And I'm not just talking a couple star
Don't know about you, but this week seemed to rocket by for me. Just, zip, zip, zoom! And here we are at Friday. Woot!That means we get ourselves a Friday Snippets feature. So here's some bite-sized s