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If the artwork for this campaign seems familiar, it's because you've probably seen the comics of Zach M. Stafford all over the internet. He's got quite a few of them out there. He's looking to make a
I have to admit, sometimes, it's like, "Wait, they haven't made a pack for that hero yet?" when it comes to Marvel Champions. Apparently, one they're just getting to is Cyclops. Better late than never
Looking to try out some new heroes for the Lord of the Rings LCG from Fantasy Flight? Then the Angmar Awakened expansion is for you. There's 8 heroes for the game, plus some cards from a few other pre
The zombies are on their way. It's dark out. This is the most dangerous time to be someone still alive, which you currently are. And such is your goal to remain until dawn in Survive Until Daylight, a
I know, the featured image makes it look like Gen Con will be in June. That's not what it means. It's the June update from Plaid Hat and they're pleased to announce that they're heading to Gen Con lat
"Bookmarks and dice? Shouldn't that be a Snippet?" Yes, but actually no. Why? Because those that know know that Munchkin bookmarks are as much legal cards for the game as a regular card. So, it's like
Summer's almost here in the northern hemisphere. High temperatures. Blazing sun. Bugs. ... ... Sounds like a perfect time to stay inside where it's cool and play some board games. And that's just what
Cryptozoic had a successful Kickstarter campaign for their anniversary edition of the DC Deck-Building Game and now, if you missed out on the Kickstarter, you have one last chance to get the bonuses a
The folks over at Plaid Hat Games want to make sure everyone's on the same page when it comes to questions in Ashes Reborn. As such, they've got a new version of the game's FAQ up that you can downloa
Looking to get a whole bunch of extras and promos for your DC Deck-Building Game all in one box? Missed out on some key cards and want to complete your collection? Then you'll want to check out the Cr
If you like bananas and you like kitties, then you'll probably like Bananya, the kitty who lives in a banana. Why live in a banana? Why not live in a banana? Have you seen the housing market? Anyway,
A pair of high-flying heroes are making their way to your tabletops in Marvel Champions. You can head out and pick up your Nova and Ironheart Hero Packs now. Fwooosh!
If you're a fan of Fantasy Realms but wish the game was just a bit fancier, or if you missed out on its initial release 5 years ago and are looking to get it all in one go, you'll be excited to hear t
A new, big, campaign expansion is headed your way for Marvel Champions from Fantasy Flight. It's called Mutant Genesis, and as one would expect, it will focus on the next stage of human evolution: the
Prague. The ancient capitol of The Czech Republic. And soon, the battleground for all the various vampire clans. That's where you find yourself in Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals: The Heart of Europe,
I mean, who wouldn't want to form a cult if you had the opportunity? I would. But it's tougher than it looks, at least in the real world. So, instead, I'll stick with creating them on the tabletop in has launched a Kickstarter for... well... a ton of stuff. As you can see from the image above, there's like more than a half-dozen games involved. You can get expansions, extras, b
If you're looking to head back into the dungeons of Thunderstone Quest but you're wishing you had some new foes to tackle, you're in luck. AEG has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Nature's Wrath an
Moving is never all that fun. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to physically pick it up and move it from one place to another. A lot of people have moving sales in order to les
The world's going to hell. Things are exploding. People are scrambling around, just grabbing what they can for themselves. People just want to escape. No, I don't mean, like, the real world. I mean th
To really bring in the crowds to your wildlife park, you need the most rare and exotic of animals. But, obviously, being rare and exotic means they're hard to get. And other park managers are looking
Yesterday, it was two new Summoner Wars decks. Today, it's two new Ashes Reborn decks. And, like yesterday, we get a look at a pair of cards for both. Check out The Ocean's Guard and The Scholar of Ru
Not just one, but two factions are coming soon for Summoner Wars. They're the Fungal Dwarves and the Eternal Council. We get a look at a pair of cards for each faction in this first of the previews fo
Alone Editions usually gives you single-player games (hence the name). But they're expanding out, doubling the number of players for Dreamers, their new card game up on Kickstarter now.