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Carrying cases

Woo! Friday! Woo! Man, it's been a week. Not like it was awful or anything. It just seemed interminable. Probably, that's because I'm anxious for the weekend as it'll be the first time we'll have a D&
Hooray! It's Friday! As I've mentioned all week, it's been a fast one for me because it's been a busy one. So, I'm certainly looking forward to just doing rather little for the next couple days. But b
Middle of the week already? You know I'm happy about that. That's the joy of having a Monday off. You're already catapulted into the middle of the week. And so, here we are. And as it's already midwee
Fridaaaaaaaaay! Woo! Man, I had a busy as hell week. Tons of stuff to do each day. And while it was very tiring, it did make the week just tick on by fast. So now, we're on the precipice of the weeken
Honestly? It still feels like a Thursday. Don't know why, but all day, I've been, "Well, it's Thursday. Tomorrow will be Friday and then it's the weekend." NOPE! Today's Friday. Tomorrow's the weekend
We're halfway through the week. That's certainly good. I got what feels like no sleep last night, so I'm running in low gear today. Something that'll help is a little boost from some bite-sized gaming
It might only be Wednesday, but it's also like a Friday, since I've got the next couple days off because of Thanksgiving here in the US. I've actually got a ton of prep still to do since I'm making di
Halfway through the week. Halfway to the weekend. We're at the top of hump day and it's time to slide on back down. While we're up here, might as well have a light snack of some bite-sized gaming stor
Ok, I know Monday and Tuesday felt weird. But at least today's felt like Wednesday. What does that mean, exactly? Well... I don't really know. But it feels like the day that it is. And that's good. I
We're on the threshold of the weekend. Woo! And not just any weekend, but Gen Con weekend. I mean, we're already hip-deep in Gen Con Online as it is, but for the next couple days, work won't be in the
Are you finding it difficult to find a way to transport your tyrannosaurus? I know I'd been having issues with it. They're big, a bit unruly, and it just seems that there's not a lot of places they'll
Thanksgiving dinner is good and over with. Many of you are waking up to a leftover turkey sandwich for breakfast. Well, while you munch on that, why not head over to Battle Foam and get some Black Fri
In a way, it's Wednesday, because that's what day it is. In a way, it's Friday, because it's the last day of the work week. In some ways, it's both, because we have a Snippets post here for you. So, b
Fridaaaaaaaaaay! You know how much I love today. Wow, I just realized that since the 1st of November was a Thursday, that means we're gonna have a really early Thanksgiving this year. That's both coo
It's Halloween. Boo! And while the kiddos are out going door-to-door getting little bite-sized treats, we dont' make you go all over the neighborhood for your bite-sized gaming stories. You can just
Fridaaaaaaaaaay! Woo! The weekend is just up ahead. I'll be playing D&D again. Our group finally finished up our last adventure and we're headed onto our next one. Everyone's looking forward to i
Woo! Saturday! Woo!I am taking it easy this weekend. No scheduled games. No places I have to be. Just chillin' in my den. I've got nachos. I've got miniatures to assemble. I've got Code Red Dew. I've