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In Chaosmos, players are racing to find a cosmic egg before the universe collapses in on itself. The one holding it will survive and become the new elder race whent he next universe begins. Now, playe
People often ask me what my favorite part of working at TGN is. The answer is pretty easy. It’s getting to see new games as they’re in development and trying them out before just about anyone else. I’
The universe is coming to an end.... Party!... or Panic!... or... something, anyway.In Chaosmos from Mirror Box Games, the universe is ending and the hunt is on! It would seem that the universe is a l
Hello again TGN Readers and welcome once more to Saturday. With any luck, you're gaming. I know I am. We've got one of our guys in my D&D game moving to Ohio this summer, so we're trying to get in
Mirror Box Games has just over 2 days left on Kickstarter for their Chaosmos board game. They're closing in on yet another stretch goal for the game in the meantime.SourceFrom the campaign:We're hours
Mirror Box Games has just launched their Kickstarter campaign for Chaosmos, their new board game. In it, different alien races are trying to find The Ovoid card, a sort of Universe Egg. The player hol
Mirror Box Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Chaosmos, their new board game.Stay tuned to TGN this afternoon for a review of this new game.SourceFrom the campaign:Chaosmos is a 2-4 pla
Crits Happen posted up a video preview of the new Chaosmos board game from Mirror Box Games coming to Kickstarter soon.SourceFrom the preview:Tox previews the new Kickstarter from Mirror Box Games, Ch