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Chilling Wargamers

Chilling Wargamers got themselves a fancy, new YouTube channel for their reviews and shows. Be sure to add them to your watch list.SourceFrom the update:So we have a new channel for the show. Please g
Chilling Wargamers sat down with Alessio Cavatore about his new game, Tarot of Loka, and taped it so you can see how things went.SourceFrom the video:So Mr Alessio Cavatore speaks to the Chilling Warg
Chilling Wargamers has posted up episode 10 of their vidcast online for your viewing pleasure.In this episode:Alessio Cavatore Talks About Loka on Chilling Wargamers
Chilling Wargamers is a new weekly wargaming and hobby live-stream show. Check out their Facebook for details.From the announcement:There is a new wargaming related weekly live-show on the internet!Ev