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In Citadels, you're looking to build the most grandiose works for the city. To do that, you need... well... works to work with. Just what sort of things can you build? That's what you get a look at in
Z-Man Games is coming out with a new edition of Citadels. Many of you have had a chance to play the game, but this will be a new opportunity for those of you who weren't gaming when it came out origin
Just think how much has changed since 2000. It's hard to think that we're even in the same world. Well, that was when Citadels first hit shelves. And Z-Man Games feels it's time to bring it around aga
Hello, Saturday!It... was quite a week, I have to say. Very busy. With all the goings-on for GAMA, I almost forgot that PAX East was going on. Hope everyone is having a good time out there. I'm, obvio
Hello Saturday! How are you? Is everything going well? Of course it is! It's Saturday!So, let's not wait around. Let's get right to the reviews so we can get back to it being Saturday. Personally, I'm
With only a couple weeks to go, the Year of New Editions still has some new releases for us. This time, Asmodee is bringing out a new version of a classic, Citadels. You can get your hands on this new
There's a new edition of Citadels coming out. It's going to bring a lot of new elements to the overall party. Those that enjoyed the original will find their options for play expanded, with new avenue
The Year of New Editions rolls on further as Asmodee and Windrider Games have announced that they're coming out with a new edition of Citadels. First published in 2000 (man, does that seem long ago...