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Bigger is better when it comes to weapons used to fight off a rampaging group of zombies. Thankfully, the survivors have found a trebuchet... but it's broken. If they can get it working, they can hope
Another new scenario for Zombicide is up on the CMON website. This time around, they get medieval and head to the realm of Black Plague. Zombies don't really clear their pockets when they become the u
One of the most iconic cartoon groups of all time, Mystery, Inc. has been unmasking all sorts of monsters for decades, thrilling and chilling audiences all along the way. Soon, they'll take their wack
When CMON originally posted the solo-play rules for Arcadia Quest, they were pretty sure that they were working well. But a week out in the public is going to get the game played and scrutinized more
I had a whole bunch of weird dreams last night. In one, my dad and I were doing some landscaping out front of my parent's house when we cut a weed that was growing, which caused the entire front yard
As the year continues on, CMON keeps posting new Zombicide scenarios. This was certainly a good year to have decided to do that. In this case, it's a new Zombicide: Invader scenario. If you got an une
drew 19 days ago
Ah, the much craved Pants scenario
The Necromancers are the minds behind the zombie hordes. They created the zombie plague and are directing it from the shadows. This particular group of zombies seems extra rowdy. We'll have to get to
Normally, going camping is a nice, relaxing experience. I remember going as a little kid with my family. They were fun trips that have created lifelong memories. However, when zombies randomly stumble
Many of you out there are at home these days. If you're super-lucky, you've got other gamers you're living with so you can get some games in while the world does its thing outside. If you're like me,
CMON's series of new scenarios for all of their Zombicide games continues. In this installment, they're headed to deep outer space to the planet PK-L7. Yes, it's a new Invader scenario. Specifically,
Egypt is moving from a polytheistic society to a monotheistic one. All the various gods see what's happening and have vowed to be the one god that everyone worships. In the end, only one will be left
frankeajs 46 days ago
I hear CMON is in trouble in HONG KONG with an audit and they have stopped trading on the stock market.
Marcus 46 days ago
Yes, CMON appears to be undergoing an audit but let's not spread rumors without some sources and facts. So here is the source article saying they are under audit: And here is CMON's rebuttal:
The orc necromancers laid a very intricat trap and now the Survivors have found themselves in the middle of it. The zombie hordes are coming and the walls are literally closing in. How will they make
The Coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone on the planet in some way or another. The gaming industry, in particular, has been hit hard as manufacturing centers, shipping centers, and gaming stores
Ankh: Gods of Egypt is CMON's next Kickstarter campaign, launching on the platform next week. In this article, we get a look at a general overview of the game's mechanics. Just exactly how do the play
Another week, another free scenario for Zombicide from CMON. If there was a year to have decided to do this, this was definitely the right one to do it. They've got a new one for Invader on their webs
Ancient Egypt is known for having a polytheistic society with many different gods and goddesses being in control of different aspects of life and death. In Ankh, players will take on the role of these
"Sometimes, ya gotta fight fire with fire." It's an old saying that means in some situations, the only way to win is to take on aspects of one's opponent. In this case, it's the mother of all demons t
While a lot of us are working from home or on a... unscheduled break from work, we're spending a lot of time bored. Well, one thing that I know peps a lot of people up is a good Kickstarter campaign.
Ankh is the next board game that's coming to Kickstarter from CMON. It's the third in the series of games created by the people that also brought you Blood Rage and Rising Sun. Egypt is moving to a mo
It's the fi-nal de-fense! *doodle-doo-doo! doodle-doot-doot-doo!*
The Starcadian Alliance was supposed to bring peace and order to the galaxy. And it worked! Hooray! However, not everyone wanted to join in on the celebration. Supreme Commander Thorne was like, "That
With many people in their homes, there's more changes than ever to get a game night in. But what if you've already played through all the scenarios you've got? Well, here's another for you. CMON has p
We're not supposed to go out. And many of you have possibly already run through your gallery of games. So, what do you do now? Well, if you're a fan of cooperative deck-building games, you can check o
When the Fantasy Fair comes to town, the city's population swells as fairy tale characters from all over come for the festivities. However, there's only one Inn in town and they'll all have to find a
CMON continues putting out a new Zombicide scenario each week, going through all the different genres of the game and using parts from all the different expansions. This time around, it's from classic