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Well, the pre-order has been going on for a while, but August will finally see the release of Operation: Blackwind for Infinity. Check it out and other things headed for store shelves this month from
The Operation Blackwind pre-release continues. Those that sign up for it can get some free limited edition minis. One of which is Helen of Troy. Get yourself a look at this exclusive mini this preview
Blackwind Operation is the new box set coming for Infinity CodeOne. You've got just a couple more days to get in on the action. To help entice you a bit more, Corvus Belli is showing off an exclusive
I know, we just hit August, but over the weekend, Corvus Belli got their July releases out for Infinity and CodeOne. Head on over and get these new figures now.
With the release of the upcoming Operation Blackwind box for Infinity CodeOne, Haqqislam will be making its way to that game's tabletops. In this preview, we get a deeper look at what minis are coming
The new box set for Infinity CodeOne goes up for pre-sale tomorrow. It's the Operation Blackwind set and it's bringing both Haqqislam and ALEPH to your tabletops. Get a look at the box's contents as w
Come what May? These come. From Corvus Belli anyway. They've posted up their Infinity releases for you to check out and start saving up your nickels for.
Here we are, just a toe-hold into February and Corvus Belli's already looking ahead to March. Nothing wrong with that, of course. If you want to start saving up your nickels for that month's releases,
We're less than a week from the New Year. But what will 2022 bring in terms of your favorite games? Well, Corvus Belli is giving us a little peek at what they've been working on.
Looking for that last-minute gift for the Infinity player in your group? Or maybe you want to pick up something special for yourself. Well, the latest batch of Infinity releases are now available from
No, that's not some sort of crazy, new figure that is a book that's gained sentience out on the battlefield. Corvus Belli has announced that they're making their way back over to the core Infinity rul
Give thanks, for the new batch of releases for Infinity and CodeOne are now available over in the Corvus Belli webshop as well as down at your FLGS.
Next week is my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving. Where we're all grateful for everything we have. Of course, then, the day after, people go nuts over trying to get new stuff. But waddyagonn
Since Infinity CodeOne and Tag Raid share a rules set, they can be crossed over between the games. In this article, Corvus Belli looks at how that'd work and what sort of interesting scenarios can com
It's no trick, Corvus Belli has a treat for you. Their October releases are now available over in their webshop and down at your LGS. Head over and pick up your new Infinity releases.
This month is almost over. That means it's time to get a peek at what will be coming soon for Infinity. This time around, it's a look at December's releases. Happy holidays, indeed.
Out on the battlefield, it's not just the first, frontline soldiers that matter. Without the help of dedicated others, the battle will never be won. That's where the support troops come in. And that's
You may have your Operation Crimson Stone set, but what's next? Well, a whole ton if you talk to Corvus Belli. They have not just six products lined up, but six types of products lined up to help expa
Thursday. We're making our way through the week and will soon be back at the weekend. As always, I'm ready for it. It's been a little busy week. Not that it's a bad thing. Makes time go by fast. Anywa
He's big. He's bad. He can be yours to hire. He's Wolfgang Amadeus Wolfe, Wulver bounty hunter. He's coming soon to your tabletops in Operation Crimson Stone from Corvus Belli. Get a look at his backg
A new Dire Foes Mission Pack is coming out soon for Infinity. You can head over and get your pre-order set up with special extras. But if you're hesitating to do that because you want to know more abo
The other half of the factions in Operation Crimson Stone, the new box set coming for Infinity CodeOne, is Ariadna. Longtime Infinity players know about them, but what about those joining the game wit
Operation Crimson Stone will bring CodeOne players some new minis to add to their games. That includes the Nomad Nation. In this preview, we get a look at the figures that are coming in the new box se
Operation Crimson Stone is the new box set for Infinity CodeOne. Corvus Belli is really excited to start taking pre-orders for it over in their webshop. How excited? They're offering special minis and
While I'm chilling and relaxing on Monday, you can be headed over to the Corvus Belli webshop and pre-order yourself a copy of Operation Crimson Stone. What's Operation Crimson Stone? Well, click on t