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Want to sling some colored goop around and get some cool prizes for it? Well, then you'll want to head over to Goblin King Games and check out their MoonstoneMay22 painting contest happening now.
I feel like it's been a long time since I've posted about a colored goop contest. But we have ourselves a colored goop contest going on. Wyrd is running their Flowers and Showers Painting Contest now.
Z-Man Games is so excited about Pandemic: Iberia being back in stock that they're just giving it away! Well, not all of it, anyway. Just a couple. And you can get your name in the hat to get a copy fo
Gamelyn Games is bringing the next in their Tiny Epic line of games to Kickstarter soon. It's Tiny Epic Vikings this time. And like how the vikings got themselves some loot for free, you can get yours
Pre-orders were just opened up for Raveneye, the new book for Infinity. But, if you're looking to get one for nothing at all, you can head over and put your name in the hat to win one from Corvus Bell
Warlord Games has a new painting contest going on over on their website. If you've picked up the new Black Powder Epic Battles game and have been thinking about applying some colored goop, now's a goo
Friday! Woo! I'm ready for the weekend. I've been running on low gear all day today. Just a little longer and I might just sleep the next couple days. I don't know. If I'm going to make it to the end,
A big-box board game version of Riot Quest is coming to Kickstarter soon. And Privateer Press is looking to add some crazy contraptions to the game and they want your help. Come up with your own idea
There's only a limited number of the Dark Souls Collector's Edition book out there. If you're wanting to get one without even having to pay for it, you'll want to head over to Steamforged Games' Twitt
Vampires must stay hidden from the overall population. When someone is being harassed by someone else who knows just a little too much, the players must come in and solve the problem during a party. T
Just a day after I started my run on TGN, Ares Games opened their doors. As such, they're celebrating 10 years of existence. And to celebrate, they're having a massive give-away. Head on through to fi
'Tis the season of giving. And Wyrd Games is putting on their gift-giving pants with their December giveaway. Head over and enter for chance to win a Remade & Reforged box for Malifaux.
Mantic has created a new Wishlist feature for their Webshop. Have people that want to buy gifts for you and want to make sure they get the right thing? Or just put together a list of figures you want
Having a 40k army is cool. Having a 40k army that you got for free is cooler. And you could be that lucky gamer as Games Workshop is giving away an Angels of Death army. Head through and find out how
It's the season of giving. And that's what Renegade Game Studios is doing. They've got their 12 Days of Giving event going on now. You could get games for free. And everyone gets games on sale. So, th
No, it doesn't mean that your dice will only roll 5s and 6s for the entire year. It means you get free stuff. A lot of free stuff. Games Workshop is giving away one of every release they have (well, a
Halfway through the week already? You know that's not getting a complaint from me. Always ready to get to the weekend. It's been several weeks since I've managed to get to the international grocery st
Gaming is good. Giving to charity is good. Getting some pro-painted minis for your armies is definitely good. Throw all those together and you get the Nova Open Charitable Raffles. The fall raffles ar
Heiki Strike Alternative is currently funding over on Gamefound. But would you like to get a copy for free? Well, now's your chance, as Japanime Games is holding a giveaway. Head through and put your
Rival time travelers are trying to erase one-another from existence. That's what's happening in That Time You Killed Me from Pandasaurus Games. But you don't have to kill anyone (and seriously, PLEASE
Fridaaaaaaaaaaaay! WOO! And even though it's a low-key weekend for me, it's still a weekend. So, though I won't be doing terribly much more than watching Netflix and YouTube, I still need some energy
Want to get your hands on The Four Kings expansion for Dark Souls: The Board Game? Don't have a lot of cash on hand? Want to make sure you're up-to-date about all things from Steamforged? You can fulf
Need a restock in paint? Want to just get one of everything from the Citadel Masterclass line? Just like winning things? If you've said yes to any of those questions, you'll want to head over and sign
Want to get your own copy of Dinosaur World and all the expansions for absolutely no money at all? Well, then you'll want to head over and put your name in the hat for the Dinosaur World Giveaway that
Halfway through the week already? Can't really complain. I'm guessing part of why the week is going by quickly is that yesterday, I laid down to have a "quick doze" after work and ended up basically s