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Copplestone Castings

We continue to move forward, not backward, upward, not forward, and always whirling, whirling, twirling towards the weekend. We might also be dizzy now...Anyway, we have made it halfway through the we
Copplestone Castings released some new Barbarica Cavalry Command Packs over in their webshop.Keeping barbarian cavalry in line... that's gotta be a rough job.SourceFrom the release:The production moul
Copplestone Castings released a pair of new 15mm cavalry units over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:FM20 Northlander Cavalry - 6 different hairy tribesmen with a couple of horse poses.FM21 Bar
Copplestone Castings released their new Schupo Sonderwagen over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:K66 Schupo Sonderwagen 21 - after WW1 the German army was forbidden from having any armoured veh
Copplestone Castings is having themselves a sale this weekend. Go get yourself some minis for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.SourceFrom the announcement:This weekend we have our traditional
Copplestone Castings has some new 15mm Northlander Warchiefs models available over in their webshop.From the release:FM19 Northlander Warchiefs - 2 of them are one-piece castings and third, the Giant-
Copplestone Castings has two new hill giants, Gog and Magog, for their 15mm fantasy line available over in their webshop.From the release:We've just added Gog and Magog, 2 Hill Giants, to our Barbaric
Copplestone Castings will be having a sale this weekend over on their website.From the announcement:This weekend from midnight on Friday 19th April until 9am on Monday 22nd April (UK times) you can ge
Copplestone Castings has started up their Christmas sale over on their website.XMAS OFFER From midnight on Friday 30th November until 9am on Monday 3rd December (UK times) you can get 10% off anything
Copplestone Castings has some new mounted White Russian Lancers available over in their webstore.From the release:An unexpected addition to the Back of Beyond range: some elite White Russian Lancers s
Copplestone Castings has 3 new dwarf units available in their webstore: axemen, spearmen and commanders.From the release:Just added 3 packs of Dwarves to the 15mm Barbarica range:FM14 Dwarf AxemenFM15
Copplestone Castings has released their new k64 Mark IX Beast tank over on their website. It's a big 'un.From the release:K64 Mark IX Beast - a super-heavy Interwar-style tank. This resin kit is a ma
Copplestone Castings has some Zanzibar regulars now available on their website.From them to you:AFU14 Zanzibari Regulars Marching (in a casual kind of way) AFU15 Zanzibari Regulars in Action (by now t
Copplestone Castings has several new releases up on their website for you to check out.
Copplestone Castings has some new terrain up on their website they want to show off, and that's what we're here for (to spread the news to you fine readers), so here they are.From the update:FMT4 Hidd
Copplestone Castings is having a sale this weekend. Those are always good things.10%-OFF WEEKEND This weekend from midnight on Friday 20th until 9am on Monday 23rd you can get 10% off anything you buy
Copplestone Castings has a new set of barbarian models up on their website for you to peruse.From the update:FM11 Barbarian Archers Missile support for your barbarian hordes - all clean-shaven because
Copplestone Castings just released the first few pieces of resin terrain to go with the 15mm Barbarica fantasy range:From their post:FMT1 Trilithon Stone PortalFMT2 Stone CircleFMT3 Standing StonesNic
Copplestone Castings releases new 15mm packs to their online store:From their announcement:FM7 Barbarian Command. 3 chieftains in mail shirts, 3 hornblowers and 4 standard-bearers - one army totem (t
Copplestone Castings Announces a Sale:From their announcement:JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS OFFERThis weekend from midnight on Friday 25th November to 9am on 27th November (UK times) you can get 10% off
Copplestone Castings has released new 15mm Barbarians to their online store.From their announcement:15mm BARBARIANS3 new 15mm packs:FM4 Northlander Characters - 10 chieftains, champions and sorcerors.
Copplestone Castings is having an October special.From their announcement:This month there`s a 1960s spy KKBB offer - The Big Bang:For only £60 you will get:KKBB101 Top AgentsKKBB102 Trainee AgentsKKB
Copplestone Castings have announced a new 15mm fantasy Romans versus Barbarians range. From their announcement: My first pack of 15mm barbarians went down well, which has encouraged me to work on a
Copplestone Castings have released several new resin vehicle kits. From their announcement: We have just released a few new resin models: WW1 and High Adventure K62 Medium C `Hornet` Female Tank w
Copplestone Castings have sent news of their 10% off Spring Sale as well as where you can their their figures at Salute 2011. From their announcement: From midnight on Friday 15th April until midnigh