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Corvus Belli

It's time for another preview for Warcrow, the upcoming fantasy miniatures game from Corvus Belli. This time around, it's the Scions of Yaldabaoth.
Looking to give your Nomads force a bit of a leg-up in Infinity? Then Corvus Belli has just the set for you. It's the Nomads Booster Pack Beta and we get a little look inside of it in this preview.
A new set for the Ariadna force is coming soon from Corvus Belli for Infinity. If you're looking to give your collection a bit of a boost, this is just the set for you. Head on through and take a look
What's coming for Infinity this June? Glad you asked. Corvus Belli has posted a gallery with a look at these upcoming figures.
Warcrow is Corvus Belli's upcoming fantasy minis game. They've posted a new video about it which includes a look at a new mini for the game, Zsoka Isimun. Check it out.
Later this month, Infinity players will be able to get their hands on the ITS Season 13 Special Tournament Pack. Want a closer look at some of the minis coming in it? You're in luck. That's just what
Come what May? These come. From Corvus Belli anyway. They've posted up their Infinity releases for you to check out and start saving up your nickels for.
Lots of new renders to look at for some upcoming Infinity figures. Corvus Belli is showing off the upcoming Morat Aggression Force Action Pack units.
Some new Infinity releases are on the horizon. Just what's in store? Well, glad you asked. We've got a preview of these upcoming figures just a click away.
Yes, we're more than a week into April. Look, it's been a rough couple of years. Getting stuff at all sometimes seems like a miracle. Anyway, Corvus Belli has their March releases up in their webshop
At Adepticon, Corvus Belli showed off a preview video of some stuff they're working on for Infinity. If you weren't at the show (like I wasn't), then you might feel that you missed out. Well, now you
Warcrow is Corvus Belli's new fantasy miniatures game. We get a little more insight into what it entails in this new video they've posted up, introducing us to their brand ambassador, Hoopoe.
The Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack is a new kit for Infinity that's available to pre-order now from Corvus Belli. In this article, they take a deeper look at all the minis therein. Also, if you p
Yes, Corvus Belli with the Fantasy tag along for the ride. We know them well for all things sci-fi in the Infinity universe, but they're branching out to something new with Warcrow. Get a quick look a
The Raveneye book for Infinity is up for pre-order now. And you want to get your name on that list to get the book because that's the only way you can get a pair of exclusive minis. We get a deeper lo
Pre-orders were just opened up for Raveneye, the new book for Infinity. But, if you're looking to get one for nothing at all, you can head over and put your name in the hat to win one from Corvus Bell
The next big expansion for Infinity is almost upon us. It's called Raveneye and it gives you more in-depth looks into the history of Infinity than ever before. But more than just the book, there's sev
An ambush is a great way to take on an enemy. They don't know you're there and you can deal some serious casualties before they even know what's going on. And there's some new troops specialized in su
March is a big month for Corvus Belli. They've got a new book coming out for Infinity called Raveneye. But that's not all. There's new minis kits to get as well. Head through to find out more and to s
If you're wanting to get deeper into the world of Infinity than just the minis game, you can via the RPG from Modiphius. And now, there's 3 more ways to get there as that's how many new book shave hit
It's the last day of February. If you're wanting to get your February releases out, now's the time. Corvus Belli had theirs out over the weekend. Head on through to see what's now available online and
There's all sorts of reasons that you might miss out on a crowdfunding campaign. Didn't have the money at the time. Set a reminder, but missed it. Weren't sure how well the whole campaign would do. We
One of the upcoming releases for Infinity, the Vargar Maximum Security Team is well-equipped and well-trained for their tasks at hand. And they've got a cute, little, robot friend. Get a look at them
Here we are, just a toe-hold into February and Corvus Belli's already looking ahead to March. Nothing wrong with that, of course. If you want to start saving up your nickels for that month's releases,
January's coming to an end, but there's still some time to throw releases out there for you. And that's what Corvus Belli has done. Their latest Infinity releases are available now online and down at