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Corvus Belli

Want to see what's coming out for Infinity next month? I'm sure you do. I did. And Corvus Belli is giving us just that look as they've posted a gallery of releases. Have yourselves a look.
Been wondering what Corvus Belli has been up to? Well, there's a quick and easy way to find out about upcoming releases. Corvus Belli has posted Studio Update 13. Check out the video of what's in the
April Showers bring May Flowers. It's supposed to rain here today. But I'm not sure what sort of precipitation brings May Infinity Releases. But whatever it might be, we get a look at what'll be comin
Dire Foes packs are much more than just a couple new minis that you can add to your Infinity collections. They also contain special scenarios utilizing those heroes that you can use whenever you set u
Corvus Belli has their latest Infinity releases now available. Head on over to your LGS or favorite webshop and pick yourself up some sci-fi miniatures action.
Corvus Belli is taking pre-orders for their Military Orders box set for Infinity. If you go and get your name on that pre-order list, you will also get exclusive minis. What exclusive minis? Glad you
A new experience for Infinity is coming soon from Corvus Belli. It's called Tag Raid and... ... and... uh... *checks notes* and that's pretty much all we know at the moment, besides that it's coming t
Corvus Belli has just started taking pre-orders for their new Military Orders for Infinity. These armed segments of the church have been in development for a bit. In this article, Corvus Belli gives u
There's a new box set coming out for Infinity soon and Corvus Belli is letting you get your name down on the list so you can be the first gamer on your block with these figures when they're released.
Just a couple days into March and Corvus Belli has us excited for the end of the month. They've posted up what new figures they're coming out with for Infinity. Along with those, there's a terrain set
At the end of last week, Corvus Belli had their latest Infinity releases hit store shelves. You can head over to your LGS or stop by their online shop and pick up these new kits now.
Another one of this month's upcoming releases, Corvus Belli is giving us a look at the Nagas for Infinity with a bit of their lore as well as a 360-degree spin video of the mini. Have yourselves a loo
A new operative coming for Infinity is Aida Swanson. We get a little look at her background and figure in this preview from Corvus Belli.
A new operative soon to be making her way to the tabletops of Infinity, Uxia McNeill might be short, but she's intense. Get a look at this red-haired firebomb in this preview.
Corvus Belli's January releases just hit store shelves. They're wasting no time getting to the next round, either. They're showing off February's releases, available on the 26th.
As last month ended, Corvus Belli had a whole swath of new Infinity releases hit store shelves. You can head on down to your LGS or their webshop and grab these new kits for yourself now.
A new box set coming out for Infinity later this month, the Jayth Cutthroats are a new set for the Shasvastii. You can get a closer look at this trio of warriors in this preview article.
One of the upcoming releases this month for Infinity, John Hawkwood is a new mercenary officer with quite a past. We get a look at this dashing and daring individual in this preview article.
The crowd can be a real factor in any sporting event, even arena combat. So, in order to get the crowd on your team's side and keep them there, having some cheerleaders spurring them on can really hel
Everyone's hopeful for what 2021 will bring in every form. But while we can't predict the future, we can get a glimpse at what some of our favorite game companies are working on. In this preview, we g
The December releases are now available from Corvus Belli. If you're looking for a last-minute holiday gift for the gamer on your list (including yourself), you can head over and pick these up now. Al
We're just a couple weeks from a new year and we're just over a month away from new Infinity miniatures hitting the shelves in January. Want to see what they'll be getting as 2021 begins? Have yoursel
I'd love to learn to ride a motorcycle. They seem to guarantee that you look like a badass. At least, all the minis in Infinity on them look like badasses. But they got a bit of a revamp in the N4 edi
With how fast the first part of the week had gone, I woke up and all day yesterday I was like, "it's Friday! Woo!" It was, of course, not Friday. But, it is Friday now. Gateway to the weekend. Before
There's a new tourney kit coming for Infinity with the ITS Season 12. This will be the first with the new edition of Infinity, so Corvus Belli is looking at how that changes things, among with other c