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Corvus Belli

There's a new tourney kit coming for Infinity with the ITS Season 12. This will be the first with the new edition of Infinity, so Corvus Belli is looking at how that changes things, among with other c
Exactly one month from now, Corvus Belli will have their next batch of releases available for you. Want to know what's coming out for Infinity and CodeOne? Have yourselves a look-see. They'll be hitti
Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away here in the US. Of course, that means that Black Friday is at hand. Want to know what Corvus Belli will be having on sale? You can check it out here.
Every year, people all over the world eagerly await the arrival of the jolly, fat, bearded guy with the red suit, and alternative mode of transportation. I'm talking about Fat Yuan Yuan, of course. An
TAG! You're it! Apparently, Corvus Belli has been wanting to play that lately, since the November Infinity CodeOne releases seem to be all TAG suits. Want to know what's coming? Have yourself a look-s
Corvus Belli has a new Infinity CodeOne Dire Foes mission pack coming out. It's called Void Tango, but you don't have to wait until it hits shelves for you to see what's inside. They've got a preview
In just a couple days, Infinity players will be able to pick up the new Tartary Army Corps Pack and add it to their collection. It's a rather robust box, with a lot of figures inside. Want to get a be
Betrayal is the new graphic novel set in the Infinity universe. But we're gamers. Who wants to just sit and read an exciting adventure when you can go on an exciting adventure? That's exactly what you
We've got a mighty convoy. And so can you. In the far-off future, trucking is still a lonely, tough, and dangerous job. Even with the trucks being auto-driven, they still need someone around in case e
The Hatail Spec-Ops figure for Infinity is coming out in just a couple weeks. In this preview, get a look at the background behind what drives these highly-trained soldiers in this preview.
The Stakeout Event Pack for Infinity will be coming to your tabletops in October. It's got all sorts of cool thing inside, from dice to keychains to pins, to patches, and more. There's also two exclus
Want to see what's coming out for Infinity in October? Specifically October 23rd? Then you'll want to take a look inside. They've certainly got a lot going on.
Want to face off against more than just a single foe in the arena? Soon, you'll be able to with Aristeia! Prime Time, the new multi-player expansion coming soon from Corvus Belli.
The new edition of Infinity is coming out soon. Pre-orders are being taken now. Besides getting the book as soon as it's available, why else would you want to pre-order? Because it's the only way to g
Look, sometimes, something slips a deadline. It happens. You try to avoid it, but sometimes it happens. Well, here we have the announcement for the new August releases for Infinity that, according to
A new edition of Infinity is coming soon. So soon, in fact, that they're already taking pre-orders for the new book. But it's not just a book you can pre-order, they also have special figures, includi
The world of Infinity is one of action, subterfuge, and hidden plots. And while you play out many of these on the tabletops, Corvus Belli is also bringing you a new graphic novel. But more than just a
As July came to a close, Corvus Belli had one last gift for us that month. Their July Releases for Infinity were put up into their webshop. So, you can head over now and get yourself some new figures
The latest set of Infinity CodeOne minis will be coming out at the end of this week. In order to give you a bit more information about just what you'll be getting, Corvus Belli has given us a deep-div
Don't you want to say "July" over the snow? Isn't that the fun of it? Oh well. Here we are, in July, and it's time to show off what Corvus Belli will be releasing for Infinity this month. Have yoursel
We're at the end of June, but that just means it's as good a time as ever to get your June releases on store shelves. And that's what Corvus Belli has for you with their new batch of Infinity kits.
A new Sectorial Army is coming for Infinity. It will draw troops from several other factions and give players plenty of new options. It's called the White Company, and you can check it out in this pre
Paul 166 days ago
Smart move on CB's part. This is sweet!!!
Thursday. We'll get through this week. One foot in front of the other. I hope you're safe and healthy out there. These are rather intense times we're living in. Remember to take care of yourself when
2 days into June and it's already been a hell of a month. It can be difficult to think of anything to look forward to, but if you're an Infinity player, Corvus Belli has some hope on the horizon. They
The latest batch of sci-fi minis are hitting tables as the new figures from Corvus Belli for Infinity are on game store shelves now. Included are some support packs for various factions in CodeOne. So