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Cosmic Encounter: Duel

It's the craziness of Cosmic Encounter, but it's 1-vs-1 as you face off against a single opponent in Cosmic Encounter: Duel. You can pick up this new take on the classic game now.
If there's one thing that's strange about Cosmic Encounter, and there are many things that are strange about Cosmic Encounter, is the different alien species that are in it. Well, in Cosmic Encounter:

Tokyo Jutaku: Architecture Game
It's sort of right there in the name. It's called Cosmic Encounter: Duel, so you'd figure that dueling would take up a large portion of the game. Well, Fantasy Flight is here to show off just how much
Beureaucratic paperwork. Some pencil-pusher in some galactic central office somewhere has made an error. The Cosmic Citizenship Council had been ready to add two new races to their ranks. However, onl