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Critical Role

Critical Role has gotten thousands of people interested in Dungeons & Dragons. And if you want to play the same stuff they're playing in their game, you're in luck. Or, will be in luck. Wizards of
WizKids is continuing their team-up with the Critical Role franchise. If you're wanting to bring the characters and monsters of those games to your tabletops, you're in luck. There's not just a single
Big fan of Critical Role? Want to adventure around in Tel'Dorei like they do in the show? Haven't been able to get a copy of the out-of-print Tel'Dorei Campaign Setting? Well, your wait is almost over
Three gaming icons are coming together to give you a bunch of new monsters to fight, heroes to level, and doors to kick down. Steve Jackson Games, The OP Games, and Critical Role are happy to present
If you've long been following the characters in Critical Role and want to bring all of their adventures to your tabletop, you'll soon be able to as WizKids is bringing you a line of minis based on the
WizKids has announced a partnership with everyone's favorite RP show, Critical Role. They have announced that they will be creating miniatures based on the popular series, with both monsters, PCs, and
Munchkin is the long-running card game of kicking down the door, defeating the monsters, and grabbing the loot. Soon, a new entry to the catalog will be released. It's Munchkin: Critical Role and it b
Not really sure about the new Explorer's Guide to Wildemount? Maybe you're not all that much a Critical Role person. You'd like to get a little look inside just what you'll get before you plonk down y
For those of you out there that watch Critical Role and play Dungeons & Dragons, you'll be really excited for the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. If you do just one or the other, you'll still poss
Critical Role. I'm sure you watch it. Well, soon, you'll be able to bring their antics to your tabletop in a new form. Munchkin is infinitely re-skin-able. Now, the two are coming together to bring yo
Well, from what I've seen, we weren't really supposed to know about this yet, but Amazon has started taking orders for the upcoming Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, an official Dungeons & Dragons b